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Does it feel like you are wandering aimlessly? Do you feel trapped in a job that leaves you drained? One sided relationships that leave you feeling bewildered and used? Or feel a general lack of purpose or direction? Its time to get REAL and live in TRUE satisfaction. Click above to so we can begin our powerful journey to upgrade your body, your business and your life from one of pain and confusion into one of true contentment and satisfaction!

Your Life Is Awesome

My name is Rocco Distefano and I truly believe that Your Life Is Awesome!  I am here to help you discover the best parts of yourself so that you are able to utilize your body, mind and spirit in its fullest capacity. Working only with the planet’s Best and Brightest, I meet the most talented people at key points in their career to guide them into the spotlight!

Since 1999 I have worked with many High Energy Personalities who have made great contributions to the world around them, including Broadway and Television actors, Makeup Artists, Stylists, Famous Drag Performers, Doctors, Lawyers, Psychotherapists full time Mommies and Daddies, Entrepreneurs, Authors, Dancers, and CEO’s to help them reach the next level in their Awesome and Special Lives!

It is through, meditations, intuition, spiritual exercises, and chakra work we will embark on a journey of self discovery unlike you have ever experienced! Through our special work you will have the auspicious opportunity discover why you do things, who you really are and what you are meant to be doing in this lifetime!

Over the years I have learned how to access and utilize that special force of Light, Integrity and Compassion and Truth from inside my spirit to foster the most important relationship I will ever have: The One With Myself.

I am a firm believer in the power of Self Love and its ability to open your heart to your healthiest desires. Allow me the privilege of showing you how to do this for yourself. Together we will uncover the path of understanding as we discover exactly why Your Life Is Awesome!

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Rocco Distefano