You Matter

From the first conscious breath of your day to the last sigh of surrender at night, you are working hard at your life. Even if the world doesn't see your efforts we certainly feel them. Everything you do in your day has an impact. You are important. Let me show you how to use your body & breath to mindfully connect with countless others for support, collaboration and peace.

Your Life Is Awesome is currently under renovations. During the process of migration to a new web platform, we lost some of our meatier pages. I am taking this as an opportunity to revisit the site and rebuild it from the ground up so that it can be of the most help to the YLIA community. Your patience as we renovate is most appreciated!

During this time I am also finishing up a degree so I am only seeing new students for Readings and Coaching on a case by case bases. Rest assured if I am unable to meet with you then I will refer you to another capable professional from my network asap!

Coming soon! FREE Online Meditation Master Classes will be coming back to YourLifeIsAwesome! Look for it very soon!

If you have inquiries about working with me or someone in my network please fill out the contact form here or message me direct on Facebook and we I get back to you within one business day.

Talk soon!