Are you a FEARLESS captain of industry who is ready to face the dark feelings that have been tormenting you?

You are financially secure. You have all the material things you could ever want but you do not yet have peace. What would it be like if you invested in healing and support that could give you that peace? It is through working with Rocco that you can remove layers of depression, anxiety, emptiness and trauma and step into lasting and sustainable peace. If you are ready to stop avoiding your pain and face it head on then take the first step to freedom and set up your first session today.

Rocco Distefano CTIC

Certified Trauma Informed Life Coach


  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Feelings of Stuckness

  • Help Uncovering Trauma

  • Healing From Traumatic Events

  • Healing Through Grief/Loss

  • Meditation Instruction

  • Healing Through Mindfulness

  • Weekly One to One Support Sessions With Rocco

  • Phone Support available any day for when you need it

  • High Frequency Spiritual Guidance & Healing

  • Mediumship, Connecting You With Deceased Loved Ones

  • Connecting With Your Higher Consciousness

  • Intuition Training

  • Personal Growth/Performance

  • Psychic Readings/Spiritual Channeling

  • LGBTQ Specialized & Informed