An Awesome Proposal: Share Your Love, Light & Hope

Dustin & Spencer YourLifeIsAwesome!2I was updating Your Life Is Awesome’s FaceBook page this morning when I saw this phenomenal video in my news feed. As I watched the video, my heart chakra blossomed around my entire body as the flash mob of dancers treated this young man Dustin to a high energy display and outpouring of Love and from his soon to be fiancee Spencer and what appears to be nearly every member of this man’s family. There are so many familial cameos in this video that I have to wonder if they flew people in for this proposal!

Apparently, Dustin was lured to The Home Depot sometime this week to pick up supplies for a friend and was gently guided to the display of Love and Light you will see below. At the apex of the powerful and concise song by Betty Who entitled “Somebody Loves You” Spencer, Dustin’s boyfriend, comes around the bend dressed elegantly in a simple suit and tie, with a card saying “If I am good to you…won’t you be good to me?” and finishes off the dance number in a style that would have made Justin Timberlake proud. When the music subsides, Spencer pulls his boyfriend down from his perch, saying “That he Loves him more than anything in the world that he would be honored to have him by his side for the rest of his life.” Take a moment to watch Dustin’s Awesome response!

I said earlier that during this proposal my heart expanded well beyond the frame of my physical body! I felt as though I was lifted off the floor and into higher realm of hope. As each person brought a piece of their own heart into the room I watched as all the hearts bonded! Everyone, dancers included into a giant swirl of Love and Light. I could feel the health in that room! I could feel the light expand through the cells of each person, strengthening their resolve and raising their vibration. Everyone in that room was forever changed by this display of love and support and hope of these two beautiful men and you can become part of this Light simply by watching. I want to extend my thanks and blessing to the happy couple in Salt Lake City and I want to thank them for sharing this Beautiful video with all of us!

Dustin & Spencer YourLifeIsAwesome!3

The amount of love and energy in this video is just a small example of the kind of joy and love that each of us are capable within ourselves and Dustin and Spencer took the time to share their joy with us today in spectacular fashion. While it may not always be practical to walk around with a flash mob nearby, ready to dish out the Love at a moment’s notice, you do have the power within you today to document the small joys that you experience throughout he day and share them with the world. Getting your hair done, having and excellent meal, discovering something new about yourself. Your achievement does not need to be grand for it to be worthy of documentation. Write it down! Submit a video on YouTube! Update your status on FaceBook, Twitter or if you have the tenacity, call your local news station and get yourself on TV! We need to hear about why Your Life Is Awesome today because it gives those who are not having such an Awesome day something to look forward to. It gives us HOPE. Its shows that LOVE IS POSSIBLE!

Just like Dustin and Spencer You too have something Important and exceedingly Awesome to share weather you realize it or not! Trust me, I can feel it! It is in you just wanting to get out! The happy couple shared with us their Love And Support of one another, giving the rest of us a shining example of how to Love another. What do You have to share today? What is your Shining Example of Love, Light and Hope?! Share with us your story and you will surely change the world today!

Rocco Distefano

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