Self Compassion: My Secret To Merging With My Life’s Purpose

I have been giving Psychic Readings and working as a Life Coach for the past 14 years. I have guided hundreds of people as they navigated their life’s choices. However, I never gave my talents and intuitive nature its rightful credence. I never thought I would ever be doing this full time.

Over the past 5 years my Spirit Guides have been giving me the push I needed to start recognizing my talents. They put all the right people in my path at just the right time. They sent me a higher influx of clients and encouraged me to start reading books and blogs that would expand my mind and told me to pay special attention to what I was seeing, and hearing  and feeling in people all around me.

I always knew that people were in pain. Only now I was more acutely aware of this pain and I wanted to do something about it.

I was working at a high sales, high volume Times Square restaurant during all of this early change. I was miserable. While on the dinning room floor, I was constantly  bombarded by thoughts and feelings of anger and sadness and hopelessness and this stuff rose above the ubiquitous low-blood sugar standard.

Some customers would come in nursing a well spring of pain and confusion and because of the Times Square location, I was in contact with tourists from every continent. I spoke to people from every country in the world, people of every race, creed and socio-economic background.

And all of them were experiencing the same thing. Fear and confusion and self hatred. The entire world was in pain and it broke my heart.

All of this information was intense and after a while simply going up to a table became too much for me. There were times I would get full visual and emotional flashes of what a person was feeling. It was draining and painful.

The more prominent these experiences came, the more compelled I felt to say something to them. I knew I probably shouldn’t say anything but I’m not one to keep quiet when I see someone in pain.

I began giving “drive by” readings to customers and staff members, telling then what I was seeing. Partially to validate that what I was experiencing and partially because I wanted to help these people to see the way out of their self designed hell. I got mixed results.

Some people were very receptive and others were simply freaked out. I learned quickly to not read for customers unless I felt it was very urgent and the staff began to regard me as somewhat of a parlor trick. I also noticed that I would become drained after I read for people, making my shift that much harder.

All of this resistance caused me to put up a wall between the customers, the staff, and myself. I became a model employee. I learned all the rules and followed them to the hilt.  Emotion was put on the back burner and conventional reason and order reigned. Management began to notice my ingenuity.

They put me in charge of training all new hires and managing the staff in an unofficial manner. The more I threw myself into work, the easier it was for me to block out my etherial connection to people. They became, numbers and faces, cogs in the restaurant universe.

After enough success, I was convinced that I was born to manage restaurants but with a few cleverly placed people and events set up by my guides, my ascension into the upper reaches of management appeared to foil at every turn. I was beside myself. What was I doing wrong? I beat myself up and threw myself into food sales instead.

With my no nonsense management style and brisk manner, the other servers learned to stay away from me, and that’s just how I wanted it. And the guests? They were simply a means to feeding my internal status as a high grossing employee and fattening my wallet.

If we’ve met, you have probably heard me joke that I could sell 3 pound lobster to a tiny woman who was not hungry. Thats exactly what I did. I felt I was causing more harm to my guests than good. I felt completely alone, and useless. This went on for nearly 5 years until one day, I just couldn’t take it anymore.

I was working a double shift. Eleven hours of restaurant fun. I was operating on 3 hours of sleep. Normally I could do this kind of shift with my eyes closed and work on auto-pilot but for some reason during that shift everything that could go wrong went wrong.

I hit a boiling point. At that moment my exhaustion unlocked something in me. In my frustration I let my carefully laid psychic blocks come tumbling down. I suddenly realized how unfair I was being to myself and the people around me. This type A, aggressive sales beast was not who I wanted to be anymore.

It was then my Spirit Guides spoke to me and said “ Get the F outta here!”. I had a sudden urge to take my apron, throw it at my mangers and walk out. But this is not how I operate. I promised my guides that I would indeed leave but I wanted to do so in a professional and courteous manner.

It would not be fair to my managers or fellow servers to walk out on a shift. I wanted to do this right. So, as I worked the rest of that shift, I worked out my plan of escape.

The next day I came in and spoke to my general manager. I thanked him for everything and put in my 2 weeks notice. I left there feeling elated but in the back of my mind I felt nervous. What was I going to do now? I knew I wanted to help people stop hurting themselves and each other. But how?

I asked my guides what I should do and they told me that by choosing to leave my restaurant job, I had cleared up my path and I was ready to start living my purpose.

They told me that my purpose was to show people how to love themselves and then, how to love each other. They told me that I was ready to give readings full time, that I would be very successful at it and read for some powerful players on Earth that will have a tremendous impact on the planet. It was this push from my guides and a tremendous amount of faith that gave me the courage to start up Your Life IS Awesome.

I have been open 5 weeks and I have already done more than 30 readings. I have several ongoing coaching clients, including some high end corporate players that can make a difference on the planet. Every day I am getting constant validation from my guides that I am indeed making a difference.

Rocco Distefano

Rocco Distefano

I feel more alive and energized and in sync with the flow of the world. I wake up every day galvanized and ready to help. Every day I am getting more insight on how to spread love. It is through readings, coaching, books and this website that I will continue to work on my purpose and help people step into their power and learn to love again.

I want to remind everybody that we are born of love and that love is at the core of all existence. Including somewhere in that latte you might be drinking right now 😉

Its scary sometimes. I still have bills and managing this tremendous amount of information is exhausting but I am no longer wasting away in a job that was in itself, a hell of my own making.

Through all of this, I have learned that I don’t have to apologize for who I am or how I live and I don’t have to continue slaving away at a job or stay in a situation that compromises my integrity. Now I know that I am Love and so are you. That is wisdom. That is truth. We are it!

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