Seeing With Your Heart, The Authentic Intuitive Connection

Anyone can give a Psychic reading it is just a matter of practice. To give a healthy psychic reading you must come to your client from a place of love. This place is your Heart. The wisest place of all. This is the bridge between the Spiritual and the Physical and is the safest place to connect with yourself and with others. In my Intuition Training classes I encourage my students to start at this base. This is where we do all of our work. I insist upon it. A great exercise I give my students in class is what I call the “Open Heart Meditation” 

You can try this now if you like. Take some space, get a drink of water, relax. Go to a quiet room in your house or stay just where you are if you feel comfortable. Take a deep breath and clear your mind… quiet it. Wipe it of all thoughts and images.  When you feel clear, move your mind slowly down from your head into your chest area. To help you visualize, imagine a big green heart in your chest area. Place a beautiful set of French Doors on them. Throw open those doors and step inside your Heart. You will know you are in your heart when you feel nothing but LOVE. This is a place of healing and warmth. This is your heart and it is wiser than your head can ever hope to be. It is here that we can escape the stress of the world and feel safe. There is no fear in your heart. There is no room for it here. Only LOVE. You can come here whenever you feel lost or scared and it will Always be filled with Love and understanding. If you ever need an answer about anything and your head is giving you well.. a headache 😉 you can come to the Heart for the answer. This will always be the true answer. it may not be one that you particularly like! but it is closer to the truth because the answer comes from Love, not will.

Try this once a day until you become comfortable with it. Then when you are ready… try going to your heart when you are talking to another person. See how it feels to see another with your Heart not your Eyes, to hear them with your Spirit and not your Ears. This is not an easy thing, it takes practice and requires self love and conviction but I promise you that you will spend less time living in fear and will probably learn right quick who you should or shouldn’t be spending time with 😉

Doing exercises like this requires that we spend some time looking within and this is not an easy thing. It is important that we not beat ourselves up if we are having trouble. Spend some time this week looking within, and finding the knots or blocks that are preventing you from allowing an open and honest flow between your Conscious and Unconscious minds. My brave students have taught me that sometimes these blocks are big are created for a reason, however, in order to do any kind of psychic work, healing or on ourselves or others, we need to be able to feel safe in the great sea that is our subconscious mind. Any doubts, blocks, or phobias, can compromise this work and make this space unsafe, so if you are having trouble connecting the two, if you are feeling a particularly large blockage, some grounded Psychological work or Clinical Therapy in tandem with meditation can be instrumental in helping you to connect to your subconscious more safely.

Remember that we have a physical body, a conciseness and spiritual bodies. Each of them are meant to be working together to optimize your human life experience. Meditation and Clinical Psychological Therapy can be considered a physical world  bridge between the Conscious and unconscious and I highly recommend a period of study of both at some point in your lives to… well…anyone 🙂 Every day we all live doing the absolute best that we know how to. The more time we spend understanding who we are and why we are here the easier it will be for us to maneuver through it. Spend some time today looking within and seeing that amazing and beautiful being that you are. Take a breezy walk through your open heart and feel the love that you are capable of. Spend a little time here each day until coming here is a no brainer. Eventually you will spend enough time in your heart that your world will change. You will make that connection between Physical and Spirit, Conscious and Subconscious and step into the Loving Being that you actually are. And believe me, others will follow. 🙂

  4 comments for “Seeing With Your Heart, The Authentic Intuitive Connection

  1. DeeannDevnie Turek
    July 25, 2012 at 7:43 pm

    I truly appreciate learning from you!! I just tried the open heart meditation exercise. It worked and I intend to apply it and share it with anyone and everyone who is in and comes into my life!!

    DeeannDevnie Turek

    July 27, 2012 at 1:40 am


    I am so glad you are living in your Heart! This is how we are meant to communicate with Ourselves and then…Each other.
    By practicing this simple act of Self Love, Everyday, we set a course for the Awesome Life we are meant to Live!


  3. Linda
    November 6, 2012 at 2:27 pm

    You are AWESOME indeed. I’ve just landed here on your site….and don’t recall what led me here….spent a l o n g time reading just about everything you have written, I think. Am hoping you know how loved and appreciated you are. Your presentation here is so simple and complete. I have been inspired and filled with encouragement at a time when the crazy circumstances outside are not all that easy to accept. Thank you so much for finding your way to us. :))

      April 17, 2013 at 6:44 pm

      Linda! You are most welcome! Thank you so much for taking the time to comment here. To hear your story is truly a gift that helps fuel this website and all of! It is woman like yourself that help make this work so very worthwhile! Know that your courage is well beyond the measure of the company you keep. Please do not underestimate yourself and absolutely do not allow any “captors” to hold onto a gem like you. Take care and know that at YourLifeIsAwesome you are always in good light 🙂

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