Healing The Past Through Dreaming And Meditation Part 2

Hi folks! Here is the second installment of my Healing The Past Through Dreaming And Meditation process. So that you may enjoy the story, please read Part One first as this is Part Two of the retitled Lucid Dream. It is a bit longer than I had anticipated, however, I wanted to ensure that the message got across. I have a feeling that you will enjoy this immensely. The meditation that Stanley practices in the story is one that I teach my coaching clients and workshop students. If you would like to learn more about this meditation, please shoot me an email.

Again, I am a strong advocate for Traditional Clinical Therapy prior to attempting any form of Spiritual Work. This meditation is not a replacement for professional psychological care. Please consult your Therapist or Physician before trying this out. This is some powerful stuff. Enjoy!

The Glass Heart  Part 2                                                               By Rocco Distefano

For a moment, Stanley could hear nothing. It was as if the world had been frozen, all of its pieces hanging still. The last few minutes had been terrifying. “Where am I?” he thought. He could suddenly feel his body again. Each muscle was electrified with paralysis. Sweat poured from his skin in waves and his leg was twisted backward, almost completely numb.  Stanley opened his eyes, the events of his dream still pounding though his mind. He was back safely in his bed. “That was out of control!” Stanley thought as he dried the droplets of sweat from his face with the one corner of the sheet that wasn’t soaked.

In the last few minutes, he had finally realized that he had been dreaming and had used his mind and body to “pull” himself out of sleep. Stanley slowly opened and closed his eyes. In his mind, he could see Officer Daley staring him directly in the face, his lips twisted in a sinister snarl. “Wow! he thought, What a creep!”

Stanley unraveled his body from the tangle of sheets and stared back at the ceiling for a long moment before reaching toward his night stand to grab his journal. He turned to the last page and started to write.

Over the past 6 months, Stanley  had been intently studying the art of controlling his dreams and, after some practice, had found incredible success. After the 3rd week, he was programming dreams with ease, making his nighttime adventures very entertaining. He had found that controlling his dreams were not only fun but had also had an integral effect on his subconscious. All the characters in his dreams, even the villains were now working together to create elaborate adventures. His dreams now carried the vibe of a community theatre production, all of his many characters working together as a team to make the “show” go on. And the integration between each part of himself in “dreamland” had made his waking life much more grounded. He found himself more in control of his reactions and decisions. He was less impulsive and less afraid. He did occasionally have dreams that were not in his control but for this he had developed an understanding with his subconscious to “stop the action” and wake him up, pulling him out of sleep. After waking, Stanley would practice a meditation he had developed to recreate the “nightmare” and approach the fearful parts head on, from a more stable vantage.

He had been working on a theory: “If I can capture the fear of a nightmare into a symbol or a ideology then I should be able face the fear, lucidly,  in my meditation.

Stanley stepped out of his bed taking a long, luxurious stretch. The feeling of the blood rushing back into his muscles was invigorating. He felt much better.

He walked over to his dresser and opened the middle drawer He pushed aside the old trousers and shirts until his fingers touched something firm and heavy. He reached into the drawer and gingerly removed a small wooden box with a simple lock. He unfastened the latch and turned the key. Inside, laid on lush purple lining lay a heart of pink crystal. The stone shimmered brightly even in the dim light of his bedroom. This is what the police was looking for? It was. He knew it instantly. “Weapon?” Stanley thought? “How could they ever consider this a weapon?”

He took the stone and held it tightly in his hands. He looked into the mirror over the dresser and looked into his own eyes. “Lets Do This!” Closing his eyes, he said a little prayer and held the image of officer Daley in his mind. Stanley began to count backwards from 10, breathing deeply between each count until the world began to slip away.

Stanley opened his eyes. He was still in his room. He was now caught in a place between sleep and awakening. While in the meditative state, he was more grounded than in REM sleep and it would be much easier for him to snap out of his trance should things get “hairy” again. “Okay, lets get this party started.” “Officer Daley, to the front!”

Suddenly there was a knock on his door. Stanley went over to the door and opened it to find officer Daley looking at him from across the threshold.. “Come in” he said. The broad man walked into the room and stood before Stanley waiting patiently, silently. The cop stared at Stanley with an eerie stoicism like an android robot awaiting command. Stanley was now in complete control.

“Unlock EBPP ™ “Officer Daley”: Granting permission to engage  in verbal Self response.” With that, Officer Stanley began to speak, his words flat and monotone. “Officer Daley”: Emotional Block Protection Program number 12,777, designed in response to the variables…” The cop began to describe, in detail, events that had generated the Protective Emotional Blocks that created his character and the events that transpired in the dream. When the cop had finished his report. Stanley had all of the information he needed.

“Granting EBPP ™ permission to engage verbally with Self and act out the Emotional Lock. EBPP ™ revert to original programming.” With that, Officer Daley rose to his full height, towering over Stanley. His eyes had lost their vacant stare and his menacing look had returned. This time, Stanley was prepared.

He glared right back at the cop pulling the crystal heart from his pocket. “Is this what you were looking for?”  The cop blinked and said “Yes. That is the weapon we were sent to find.” This Heart is not a weapon. “This heart means Love and Love is not a weapon.” The cop looked into Stanley’s eyes with sincerity. ‘We were told that Love is a weapon of  the most dangerous kind. It causes pain and heartache. “We were trying to protect you”

“There has been a change of plans. This…. Love…is not a weapon.” said Stanley, firmly and with confidence. My Love heals and strengthens others. Love is a cure, it is not a weapon. We are Love. From now on we will remove Love as a lock and will will accept this gift with all of its varying degrees. The cops eyes flashed a violet hue, eyes vacant once more. “Understood, Blockage removed.”

With that, the cop began to loose height, shrinking from his towering 6’5″ to exactly Stanley’s 5’7″. The aggression in the cop’s facade began to fade, his features transmogrified. Suddenly, Stanley was looking himself smack in the face but this Stanley was different. This version held a face of deep anguish and a posture that suggested defeat. Tears were streaming down the face of this etherial doppelgänger. Stanley looked into the watery eyes of his other self from a time long since past. He looked at this person with compassion and kindness.

Stanley grasped the heart more tightly between his hands and pressed it against his chest. The heart began to glow bright green. He then pressed the green heart to the chest of the other Stanley. “Only Love!” The green light from the heart began to spread throughout their frames and for a great moment the two of them had become as one. “I Love You Stanley! You are Safe here with me! “Only Love!” The two Stanleys embraced. As the brilliant green light began to fade so did the doppelgänger and eventually Stanley was alone once more. He suddenly felt a wave of strength. His heart was practically leaping out of his chest. His body began to sing! It was almost as if it were telling him “Thank You!”

Stanley stood there quietly, taking in the events of the moment. After a while he opened his eyes to find himself still standing in front of his dresser looking intently at the mirror on its helm. He took another moment and looked himself in the eyes. “I love you” he said. Stanley realized that he was still clutching the crystal heart in his hands. It had somehow lost its pink sheen and now shone a deep and vibrant green. If possible, it was even more beautiful than before. He began to finger the smooth surface of the now integrated stone and smiled. He then closed his eyes and felt the world slip away once more.

Copyright (C) Rocco Distefano 2010

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