A Guide To Spiritual Frequency

When I give an Intuitive Reading, I am tuning into Spirit. Be it someone’s Guides, Higher Self, Angels or even a person that has passed on. All of these beings can be found on varying layers of Energetic Frequency.

Here is a very basic scale of Frequency and where I tune in for the kind of Energy that I am  looking for. For the purposes of this article I have used a simple scale of 1-10. 1 being the lowest Frequency and 10 the highest.

Level 1-2   Demons, Tricksters and Energy Vampires                          

This is the bottom of the barrel. Here you have your Demons, Tricksters, and Energy Vampires. These beings can be nasty, deceiving and it is their goal to spread  Misinformation, and Lies and ultimately cause Pain and Discord.

These beings vibrate from 1-2 and occasionally can step into a 3.  They feed on the Life Energy of the living and can cause things like depression, anxiety and emotional distress.

It should be noted that the lower you travel on the Vibrational Scale, the farther we away you go from Love and Truth. This is not to say that you can’t learn something here. I have encountered many lower vibrational beings that have provided valid and helpful information. However, when I visit  this vibration, I run the risk of communicating with beings that feed on Fear.

If you spend too much time in the Lower Frequencies you run the risk of Psychic Attack which can cause humans emotional and physical distress. As such, I only go to this frequency if I absolutely have to, ususally for Mediumship Readings or when I am working with a client who is ill and only then to see with what we are dealing.

It is important to note that Lower Vibrations are not to be feared yet they should be respected. You would not intentionally irritate a rapid Panda no matter how Super Cute it looked right!? So, try not to bother them unless you have a really. Good. Reason. If for some reason you are attacked go to Love. When armed with Love you have an extra measure of protection and can accomplish anything, including making a safe gettaway.

Level 2-4   The Deceased                                                       

The deceased also fall into the lower spectrum. Most tend to vibrate just a hair higher than the nasties. It is here where you will spend your time during Mediumship.

When acting as Medium, I always protect myself by dipping to about a 3 and making a request for the dead to step forward and meet me at a 4. It can take a lot for the dead to raise higher than that so it can help to weed out those lower beings and protect both you and your client. The strongest Spirits will have no trouble meeting me here, usually because they have some real purpose for communication and have a strong desire to get serious work done on the physical Plane. I have encountered some dead that can vibrate much higher to a 6 or a 7 but these tend to be Spirits that were more evolved prior to incarnating and their Etherial “Imprint” is on a higher plane. Most people tend to vibrate from a 2-4 after death.

I have also met some humans that vibrate at a 3-4. People here are usually the very depressed and the Suicidal. When I read for people who are here, I will recommend a period of Clinical Psychotherapy to ground them and get them to a place where they can begin to learn to Love themselves again. In my Intuitive Training Classes I urge my students: If you are giving a reading and you encounter this vibration at the Physical Level I urge you to recommend Psychological Care over providing a reading.

Level 5   Humanity                                                              

Here we have Humanity. Level 5 is the vibration that coincides with the physical human body. It is where all things material exist and how us humans experience the world around us. Level 5 governs the manual functions inspired by the workings of the Human Brain and the Conscious Mind.

These functions of the human body include the senses of taste, touch, hearing, sight and smell which help to create the interface by which we live our physical lives ie: walking, talking, eating and the general experiences that are part and parcel to The Human Condition. This is a great place to be because within your physical experience you have the opportunity to experience a varitey of frequencies with greater ease than other beings. As such, human life on Earth is much saught after by Etherial Beings. It takes a tremendous amount of energy to incarnate and is the reason why I urge you to honor and respect every aspect of your human life 🙂

Level 6-10   Spirit Guides, Higher Self, Angels and GodSource                               

In the upper reaches of frequency is where you will find your Guides, Higher Self, Angels and the highest points of God Source. 7-8/9 and 10 respectively. Since most humans can safely travel to the earlier parts of the higher frequencies, we can easily go as High as 6 and even 7. This is the Love frequency and where you will get the highest wisdom and the clearest of Truth. This frequency houses beings that are protective and healing. During a reading, this is where I go when I am working working with a client. It is safe, warm and productive. The perfect place for a raise in self awareness.

This Higher Vibration is where the “Quality Stuff” is. This is a place of Higher Consciousness. This is a place of Evolution and it is here that you will always get Quality Answers and where you will Always get the Truth. The beings on this Frequency Want You To Succeed and will help you as best they can.

When looking for positive reinforcement, encouragement and Love I reccomend spending as much time with the Higher Frequecies. You can practice communicating with the Higher Beings by searching for that place of Love within YOU. Once you have developed an Understanding and Respect for yourself it will be very easy for you to reach this place or plane of Frequency. This is accomplished by a constant practice of Self Love. Check out my Open Heart Meditation for a quick and easy exercise in Self Love.

Humans can go higher yet this compromises Clairity and Sanity as our consciouness can only handle tiny bits of info at a time and the Subconscious is Vast! Those that spend lots of time up here and still manage to retain a healthy connection to thier bodies are powerful Healers and Spritual Masters. These are people who have Mastered the balance between the Physical and the Spirtual and have tremendous respect for the beings of all frequencies.

Interestingly enough, I have discovered GodSource to some degree on all levels of the Frequency  Scale, indicating that no matter where you travel there is always at the very least a little bit of Light.

So now that you have the scale. How do you tell the difference from each level? It takes time and practice to tell which level you are on. You can, however check for signs. If you are feeling fearful and sad, you might be dipping into a lower frequency. If you are feeling tremendous amounts of Love than you are raising higher. With enough practice, you will be able to spend time in the frequency that is right for your own Spiritual Growth and begin to make headway on your path to Purpose.