Broadway Star Steps Into His Life’s Purpose At

During my travels I always send out a positive signal,  an energetic message and commitment that I come in peace and I am here to share and receive a Loving vibration. As a result, I tend to meet some of the most interesting and talented people and some of them who are at the key points of a blossoming career. Broadway Actor, Dancer and commercial Choreographer Karl Warden was no exception.

Karl Warden I met Karl last May while I was teaching in and around the Chelsea area in New York City and he was starring in Broadway’s How to Succeed In Business Without Really Trying with Jonas Brother Nick Jonas. This peaceful and high vibrating man was sitting in the corner of a freshly opened Chelsea coffee shop pouring over some paperwork. It was very busy and at his table was the only seat in the house. I shyly asked if I could join him. He flashed a gregarious smile, shuffled over some of his papers and invited me to sit down. I immediately sensed his heart. When I meet some one and the first Chakra to introduce itself his the Heart, I know I am dealing with a person who is self aware, spiritually evolved. I know that this is someone who speaks my language. I was immediately put at ease and as as I settled into my seat, my feet stuck firmly to the ground so I knew that he was quite grounded as well, something that I don’t often find in New York City and especially not in Chelsea.

We both went about our business and after a while we ended up chatting. He asked me what I did for work so I showed him He spent some time looking through my work and by the time he was finished, he was ready to book a reading.

Karl Warden

The TV Show Karl Landed after our sessions

During our reading (which he wanted immediately!) I kept getting very bright and clear movies (in my mind’s eye) of him on television, introducing stars and discussing social trends/pop culture, all from his own point of view. I passed along some key people he would need to work with in order to make this happen. He giggled and began to glow even brighter than before, I could feel the wheels turning in his brain as he mulled over the information that he had received from his guides.

Over the next few months Karl and I had a several sessions that further validated his course and in November of last year, he told me that the Television show his guides had shown me had manifested and he had been booked on the Fox television special Stars In Danger: The High Dive! where he was on hand to coach celebrities like Terrell Owens, Jenni “JWoww” Farley, Antonio Sabato, Jr., David Chokachi and Alexandra Paul.

Karl Warden

Karl with Jenni “JWoww” Farley

I could give you the details myself but Karl took the time to write his personal testimonial from the plane on his way to the set of his new show! So I will let him tell you his story 🙂 Since his testimonial was written in Letter form you can read his experience of YourLifeIsAwesome in a special post. Please take the time to go to this link and read of Karl’s incredible experience.

A Testimonial From Broadway’s Karl Warden

I received this testimonial about a month ago while Karl was on set of his new show and I couldn’t be happier for him and his success. Karl was able to take the information I shared with him in his Reading and Coaching Sessions and with that information, he was able to create the kind of Life he Most Desired! One that allows him to be Completely Himself  and challenge and engage his Spirit in new ways.

This the type of client that I love to work with. This is Someone who has the courage to take the “Snap Shot” that I receive from their Guides and follow that roadmap to their Heart’s most powerful desires! You see, all of these events, the happenstance meetings of all of these talented people, and Karl’s Ultimate success happened just like I said it would because he kept his Heart open to hearing what his guides had to tell him and allowed the possibilities that had already been seeded in his heart to take further root and blossom into a beautifully manifested reality. A Television Show!

You see, when someone comes to me for a Reading or our Personal Coaching sessions it is not just me and my Guides who are doing all the work. No Way! It is a two way street. I may be passing along the information from our Guides but it is up to You to be open to hearing the information and doing something Awesome! with that information.

Karl Warden

Karl was proactive. He did not  sit on the sofa and wait for the television station to call him. He kept his Heart Open by meeting and talking to as many people as possible. He kept Mind and body active by auditioning, working and keeping his eyes peeled for opportunity. And because he was able to be in the right place at the right time he was able to transform a “lucky turn of events” into something absolutely Amazing!

An intuitive reading is something that everyone should experience at least once and it ended up being an investment that paid off for Karl Warden in big ways! So I ask You! What is in Your Heart to accomplish? What are Your hopes and Dreams? What are Your Guides telling You today? Is that latest Career move the right direction for Your time and energy? Who do You need to meet or what do You need to do in order to move forward with you most passionate talents and desires? Are You feeling a little lost and Hopeless? Your guides have been patiently and lovingly watching this entire time and are looking to connect with You! If you feel you are ready to connect with your heart and spirit guides I encourage you to Book Your Intuitive Reading with me today! I can’t wait to see what is in store for YOU! 🙂