When In Doubt: List! Love! Accomplish!

Happy Birthday To Me!At exactly 3:33 on my birthday (which was earlier this week) I received an instant message from a friend on Facebook. It said “Happy Birthday Rocco!” Here is to 21, the sequel! “21 the sequel? Did he not know that I just turned 33? I laughed and typed a Thank You for the birthday salutations and reminded him that I had just turned 33 not 21!  He replied by telling me that he knew my real age but that after the age of 21 no one wants to remember how old they are “the years just creep up on you” he sardonically replied. I laughed and told him I understood what he meant but  that I was proud of my age. We chatted a bit more before signing off.

As I thought about what my friend had said. It bothered me. His comment did hold some clout. Its true. When I was younger, I looked forward to my birthdays as they were a cheerful reminder of the bright future I had ahead of me and that I had many, many years to really “turn this Life Out!” Yet as I grew closer to milestones like 21 and 25, I began to feel pressure that I had not accomplished all that I thought I should especially if I the year before had been harder than expected.

I relaxed and I realized that for probably the first time since starting my 30’s, the “creeping birthday” trope did not apply to me at all. It certainly has not been an easy year but I felt and still feel thoroughly Satisfied. Despite this emphatic understanding, my gorgeous human ego immediately began doing its job by asking me for a play by play or proof of this etherial satisfaction. All sorts of questions began to flood my mind. And When I have questions I know its Writing time! So I took out a pen and paper and consulted my guides asking “What Next guys?” I got an immediate answer: List. Love, Accomplish! And with that, I listed each thing that I accomplished over the past year both Personally and as an Intuitive Coach. For 2 minutes I wrote fast and furiously and when the dust settled, this is what my my list looked like.

Since January 2012 I have

~ Started my own company from NOTHING, developing it into a solid BRAND that has helped hundreds of clients get closer to Purpose.

~ Become Fully self employed with no outside help for one solid year and still I am still going STRONG.

~ Branded and Patented my own intuitive training program

~ Wrote 2 books

~ Wrote AND produced my own radio show

~ CAME OUT OF THE CLOSET in a very Conservative town on Long Island and fought peacefully for Equality by leading by Example in Peace.

~ Managed to survive a slew of some of the most challenging things I have ever experienced, growing into a more loving and integrated human being in the process.

~ Successfully started and sustained a new Meditation Meeting in the heart of Garden City.

Rocco DistefanoI looked at my page and I have to admit that I was pretty impressed and in looking at this list I felt a wonderful feeling of solidarity. Any doubts or fears began to wane. I could actually feel myself step into courage and merge with my current and past selves. By listening to my inner guides and my own heart I was able to step into my own Power. I felt fully integrated and even more proud to be the person I am on this kick ass birthday! Inspired by this empowering exercise, I moved forward with a renewed sense of confidence and self love.

So if today is your birthday (or even if today feels like your birthday 🙂 please take just 5 minutes to List! Love! Accomplish! and honor all of that Amazing work that you have been doing over the past year! For your spiritual work to have the impact in needs on this Planet, your Ego needs to be made aware that there has been a linear progression of Superb Accomplishment! Meaning you need to celebrate not only your beautiful spirit but also that gorgeous conscious mind by writing down what you have done in a chronology of celebration! Take out your pens today and Congratulate Yourself for a job well done!

Copyright Rocco Distefano 2013