Rocco’s Quotation Challenge: Speak Your Truth Today!

Rocco DistefanoI’ve posted this impromptu open letter several times on FaceBook and it has been so well received each time I have posted it  that I decided to put it here on Your Life Is I originally posted this letter in response to the endless pictures and platitudes from authors and world changers that I watched friends and colleagues post on their Timelines in response to the stimuli of Life. One or two can be inspirational but when my news feed is littered with recycled platitudes from Authors who passed 2 centuries ago it caused me to wonder if we have forgotten how to think for ourselves.

The purpose of this letter is to show that each of you has a Truth worth telling. And  it is important to tell that Truth while you are still Alive, even if your Truth does not as look pretty as that swirly purple light orb you posted last week shouting “I CAN DO IT!” Sometimes an ugly truth can have more of an impact that all of the pretty rainbows in the world combined. Each of you holds a piece of the puzzle and that we NEED EACH OF YOU to tell us YOUR TRUTH in your own words. It is YOUR personal experience that matters and it is important to tell YOUR PERSONAL story in the best way that you know how. I encourage each of you to document and to share your experience and to be AUTHENTIC when you share your truth with the world because when you are AUTHENTIC you are helping another do the same and it is this AUTHENTICITY that will help change the world in LOVE & PEACE. I challenge you today to write your own quotation. Share your own personal truth today on your FaceBook page. I will start by sharing my own:

Here is my Truth:

One of the biggest lies ever told is that being “spiritual” will coat you with web of light that guards you from all harm, or will anesthetize you like a fast acting “God Drug” lulling you into a blissfully protected sleep. Ridiculous! Adding to this lie is the idea that anyone who experiences pain or discomfort or seeming misfortune is lacking in “spirituality” and is simply “doing something wrong.” All of this is Baloney.

While Quality Breathing, Meditation, & Chakra Work are all wonderful techniques to help you to ground yourself in stressful situations, allowing you step step more fully into your spirit, the practice of these techniques are not designed to “Remove You” from your human experience. Which means that no matter how “Spiritual” you think you are, no matter how many dharma talks you’ve attended, no matter how much money you have donated to your community’s local Zen Center YOU Are Not and Never will be exempt from the experience of Pain, Discomfort, Sadness, Confusion or Seeming and Unexpected Misfortune. And thank God for that!

You signed up to be Human! you signed up to LIVE YOUR LIFE much in the same manner that one signs up to play a role in a production. You were made well aware of what you would be experiencing and for many of you this was the very reason you decided to live this very Life. It might not be fun but it is USEFUL. It is YOUR JOB to take IN EVERYTHING! the Pain And the Joy! and use your personal experiences to MOVE THIS PLANET FORWARD. Not hide in the shadows! Step forward and be the Warrior you are and for goodness sake Write everything down! because we all NEED TO HEAR about how you SURVIVED today! It is HOPE that moves us forward and remember that It is YOUR EXPERIENCE that matters not what others think of it! Lead by example! Be the warrior that you are!

And Anyone who spends their time victim shaming you for being brave enough to ask the universe for challenges that will not only improve your Your human experience but the rest of the world’s as well, is wasting your time…and their own. LIVE YOUR LIFE AS YOU TODAY. Write your own quotes based on YOUR OWN EXPERIENCE and try not to care what other people may think of them. Its none of your business anyway. And for goodness sake LOVE YOURSELF TODAY AS MUCH AS GOD DOES and you will begin to see just why Your Life is Awesome!

~ Not Ghandi
~ Not Carl Jung
~ Not Oprah Winfrey

~ the one and only ROCCO DISTEFANO


So there it is! This is how I feel today! I have done my part! What about YOU?! HOW DO YOU FEEL TODAY? What is your Truth Today? It can be different then yesterday or the same! So long as it is Authentic! Take the time to write your truth on FaceBook right now. Go ahead.The world is waiting to hear Your Truth!

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