A Psychic Scam Awakens Her True Voice

Last month I went to dinner with a old friend. It was great seeing her because she is always upbeat, friendly and optimistic and I value my time with her because our exchange has always been one of support. She was there for me when I was beginning to make the shift from teaching and coaching part time to full time and I was there for her through her battle with a few extra pounds.

Having been heavy myself for a lot of my early years I understood the pain, heartache and the difficulty she was experiencing. I knew from my own experience that her struggle had been challenging so you can imagine my excitement when I greeted her and saw that she had lost 25 pounds!

I gave her a big hug and congratulated her on her loss and asked her what she had done to achieve such a powerful accomplishment! Immediately her bright smile began to deflate. Her face was crestfallen. “How strange”, I thought. I would think she would be happy to dish about her success!” “Oh, I don’t want to talk about that.” she said. “Lets go sit down! I want to hear all about You!”  My intuitive “bells” were going off around this issue so I took a good look at her energy and body. When I tune into someone else’s energy, I am checking theirs with my own by tuning (or feeling) into the same area of my own body. This is something I do regularly in our private Mentorship Sessions and Intuitive Life Readings.

When I tuned into my friend, I noticed the tightness around her neck area, right around her throat chakra.  I checked her throat chakra against my own and knew that this tug around my the neck suggested a blockage of truth and the tightness I was seeing and feeling meant that something wasn’t being said or was being hidden or fabricated.


Despite knowing this, I acquiesced to her noncommittal response knowing that she would probably fill me in at some point that night and I was right. We went about ordering and talking about her fabulous new dress and how great she looked and about half way through our salads she put down her fork and told me that she couldn’t keep it in any longer. (Right on schedule!) She told me that she felt horrible about her weight loss because she did not feel that she could take any credit for her powerful loss. I looked at her and asked her if she had taken pills? or was starving herself or some other unhealthy form of purging, both of which I knew was energetically false.

Her skin was clear and lush with color and healthy, not pale blue or sunken like someone on drugs. Aside from the mild shadow and pull around her throat area, the energy around her was one of strength. She looked very healthy. My guides were telling me that this was an emotional issue and that it had so much more to do with her own inner dialogue than any physical issue and that while she was upset she was in no real danger.

Now, I must mention that while my intuition was giving me clear messages I still had to honor my friends’ internal narrative which may not have included anything I was experiencing so I had to ask if it was any of those things. Her response was emphatic with what I could see and feel. “No! none of that! she said. she said a with a flare of frustration. “I am so embarrassed!”

I encouraged her to continue and she told me how she had been to a psychic who told her that if she did not lose weight something “bad” was to happen to her. Thats when I got pissed.  I will never stand for someone who’s soul purpose in life is to make a living by disempowering and manipulating others. This psychic sounded incredibly unprofessional. Even without hearing the full story, her experience was already sounding demeaning and disempowering and unethical, all on the so called “psychic”. Her experience would also explain the shadowy energy around her throat area. Someone was hiding something and it wasn’t my friend. My low tolerance for unethical practitioners floated to the surface and my eyes widened with fury as I listened to her tale of woe.


Fed up with her weight and feeling vulnerable she had gone to visit a psychic who lived in quite far from her home that had been recommended to her by a friend. She then embarked an 8 hour tear-ladden drive to visit said psychic from her New York City home. When she got to the psychic she was greeted by a slim, dark haired woman who proceeded to “read her palm” and ask her lots of questions about her life which she answered tearfully. She had told the psychic that she was unhappy about her weight and that she didn’t know what to do.

The psychic then went on to tell her some obvious details about her life, like that she was unhappy (really?! can you imagine a crying woman being unhappy?!) and in pain (how ever did she know that?!) and that she needed to loose weight fast and that if she didn’t something “bad” was going to happen to her. She then gave her a small stone for meditation and told her to pray with that stone and to call her immediately when she got home. She left feeling freaked out and even more hopeless than when she got there. She got in her car and drove the 8 hours back home.

As depressed as she was, something inside of her felt a bit off about what the psychic said to her. Plus she was pissed for having driven 16 hours to hear something that horrible. She decided not to call the psychic. She forgot about the stone and the meditation and being the industrious person that she is, began to research a new way of eating. She spent the next few days articling everything she ate and looking into some of the newer diets that were available.

She finally decided that Weight Watchers was the program she was most comfortable with and began to attend meetings regularly. She spent weeks tracking her food, going to meetings, making new friends and even began an exercise routine that gave her energy and excited her. Within 16 weeks of vigilant work, she had lost 26.4 pounds and had dropped 3 dress sizes. She felt fantastic, she looked fantastic and now has new friends and energy in her life that she adores!


On her last weight loss milestone she received a coin for her achievement. This is when she remembered the psychic, the stone and the meditation she was supposed to do. She was suddenly racked with guilt that she had not been using the stone or meditating so she tried to do exactly that and when she could not remember the meditation she called the psychic and told what had happened.

The “psychic” proceeded to tell her that the reason that she had lost all of her weight was because “she had been praying for her” and that if she wanted to continue to see results she should compensate her for the work! (terrible! baiting! manipulative!)

My friend was flabbergasted, frightened and furious about all of this and told the woman that she would have to think about this and hung up the phone. Then she told me thatch  had cried and cried until she had calmed down enough to call the psychic back and tell her to stop praying for her, not contact her and that she would not be sending her any money. Then she called up her new friends and went to a Weight Watchers meeting. She has since not heard from the psychic woman but she could still feel her and this sensation of guilt  lingering over her about her progress and her weight loss.

Every time someone congratulated her on her progress she reported feeling like she was being “strangled” and she became immediately depressed. She was still attending meetings and making progress but it just didn’t feel like she deserved the accolades because some part of her was still convinced that this was all because of this terrible person who lived far away. She also felt afraid to tell her friends who had recommended the psychic what she was experiencing because some of them swore by her and she did not want to upset them. She said felt confused, isolated, abandoned and angry.

By this point in her story she was visibly upset at the dinner table. the waiter asked her if she was okay and she said “Yes” and asked for some more water which he brought immediately. I looked at her sympathetically and opened my heart to her as she dried her eyes. Then I smiled at her smiling and gave her a big hug. I told her that I was proud of her and her tenacious strength to accomplish a long time goal. Then I reassured her that everything that she had accomplished over the past 4 months was completely her own doing and that It had absolutely nothing to do with what some psychic said or didn’t say and that everything that terrible woman had said to her was only as true as she was willing to let it be.

I told her that this woman was a scam artist who was attempting to feed on her vulnerability and was making every effort to disempower her and create a sense of dependency on her based in her psychological fear surrounding her weight. I told her that this woman was probably doing this to lots of people including the friends who recommended her. I then listed all of the things my friend had done for herself to ensure her success. She researched online. She selected a program that felt empowering and fun for herself. She got herself to a meeting. She found the courage to welcome in new support. She followed a plan that felt right to her. She made new friends that were grounded in love and mutual respect. She listened to her intuition and knew that there was something off about the woman she had gone to see and She had Trusted Herself. I told her that no one can do anything to or for her ever! without her express permission.

I also told her that the cardinal rule in all healing is that while another person can create the space for healing all actual healing must be done for and by the person for themselves. I told her that any practitioner that takes personal claim for your progress, makes threats or haunts you via phone or even energetically is trying to disempower you and create a sense of dependency. This is both untruthful and unethical and this person should be avoided and possibly even reported to the authorities.

Rocco Distefano I also told her that the guilt she was experiencing could be reversed with a simple cord cutting that she could do herself to sever the energy she was still feeding the situation with the fearful charlatan woman. I also told her that some of what she described could probably be linked to a psychological trauma from her childhood that could be worked through in a counseling session with a licensed therapist. I also told her about Arch Angel Michael, the angelic frequency that is protective and all about revealing the truth in any situation. I held her hand and called to Arch Angel Michael right there at the dinner table and asked him to be with us and rebalance the energy at the table and cut any unwelcome cords still lodged in our hearts.

I told her that Michael’s energy is very warm, loving, direct and powerful. I told her feel for his energy and to imagine a bright, shinning sword cutting the the cord to the woman in Albany and any other disempowering cords she could feel that were connected to her issues with weight. This is when she burst into tears. I held her for a long time as she allowed herself to release parts of her experience to God so that they were no longer within her.

After she finished her release she said that she felt like she could breathe again and that the struggling sensation around her throat was no longer there. I explained to her about her Throat Chakra which is located right in the throat area and extends from front to back of her neck. I told her that this is her “communicator” and that it governs all of her powers of communication, both written and verbal and the visit with the woman had exacerbated a blockage that had probably been there since the first days of her struggles with weight.

Her experience with the “psychic” had reinforced this blockage and brought it all to the surface where it could be managed, severed and healed. The guilt, confusion and stress that she had been battling had closed off her ability to express what she was feeling and that after working with a higher frequency of Love with Michael, which eradicated all fear, the block could no longer survive. She was finally free! She thanked me and hugged me and after dinner we went straight to Kareoke where she she belted out “Let It Go” from the new Disney movie “Frozen” like the true diva she is. While she sang I saw her throat reverberate brightly and could actually hear the freedom in her voice as she sang about no longer holding in her beauty and light!.

Today, my glorious and powerful friend is now using her clear throat chakra to speak her truth about her experiences with the psychic and her struggles with her weight. She now takes full credit for her amazing transformation and is using her access to this simple yet powerful truth to empower other woman to step into their own. She told her friends about her experience and while some shunned her in fear one or two thanked her and stopped seeing the psychic. She has also become more vocal at her weight loss meetings has applied to be a meeting leader in her weight loss program. She no longer fears her success and after studying her chakras with me in coaching, has a more integrated understanding of what she is feeling/why she is feeling it. And… she looks Amazing! 🙂

It is an empowering and healthy instinct to look for answers and ask for help from others especially when we feel lost and confused, scared or hurt. During these difficult times it can make sense to search for answers from a psychic, medium, energy healer, or intuitive counselor. The right person can make a world of difference in your quest for understanding and help empower you to make choices that will help you trust your inner voice. The wrong person can be unethical, manipulative, disempowering and can waste your time and money. You will know immediately which one you are dealing with if you take the time to do some research.. This includes practitioners of the spiritual kind as well as licensed doctors and therapists. Because this article has become long enough, I will be including a forthcoming guide to help you in making an informed decision when deciding on who and where to go for the answers you seek. In the meantime please remember that the most qualified expert on your own life is YOU. In every arena in life it is what you think and feel from each experience that matters most. No matter how well renowned, no matter how talented, there is no psychic or medium in the world that will ever be able to give you the same kind of peace and closure that you can gift to Yourself! Keep going. Keep doing. I believe in YOU!



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