Simply Perfection: Letting Awesome Happen On Its Own

You all know that I am BIG on planning for things. I like to be fully aware of all the particulars. And like any good General I will never send my troops into battle (myself included) unless I am sure of a win.

Yesterday was no different.

Rocco DistefanoI had all the materials I needed for a day of planning and manifestation. I had my legal pads, pens, paints, internet research, my tarot deck and the perfect music playlist.

I had the entire day cleared to work entirely on possibility and potential. No distractions, no other obligations. And just as I was getting into my creative groove a series of events unfolded that ousted me from my incubation.


It was beyond my control. It was beyond everyone else’s control. It just was! And in the end I had to leave my space and my perfect music, paints, pens, pads and research. I was steamed!

I spent the next six hours working towards finding a place to finish what I started and nothing seemed to work! It wasn’t until I finally accepted that I was not going have my “perfect day” that things changed for me.

I took several DEEP breaths and let all of my “pissyness” float to the sky.  I realized then that there may be some reason for all of these “redirects” and that none of them were because I had messed up in any way.

Thats when I decided to I decided to forgive myself and spend the remainder of the day only doing things that show Rocco True Compassion and CELEBRATE all of my hard work and dedication to my life  and the planet. <3

So I got back in my car, (there was a lot of driving yesterday lol) went to the gas station and filled up the tank and drove straight to the beach.

As I parked and began to walk, my mind started bubbling with thoughts and opinions and ideas that were filled with purpose! Everything felt so right!

My pissyness over the situation merged with my acceptance of imperfection (and my DEEP breathing) and actually began to EMPOWER my thoughts in a healthy way. They came through clear, concise and with purpose!

By now I had left the boardwalk and stepped onto the soft sand allowing this surge of clarity to completely wash over me! I had surrendered to the oceans plan. It was invigorating and healing and unlike any I would have experienced in my perfect nest at home.

Rocco Distefano Over the next 25 minutes I worked through everything that I had set out to accomplish for the day and I had a clear picture of everything that I want to welcome into my life. All of this happened in 25 minutes! not the 6 hours I had originally planned!

I should note that yesterday was a particularly cloudy day here in New York. No sun at all. It reminded me a little wistfully of San Francisco with the chilliness and the fog.

Yet, the moment I hit the beach and sat on that lone life guard chair high in the dunes of Long Beach with my clear intent, the Sun came out for exactly one minute and just into time for a spectacular sunset!

I knew in that moment that it was here that was to be my office. The sand were my writing tools and the ocean was my legal pad and my heart was the perfect music and driving force for the day. It was for all intents: PERFECT 🙂

I actually captured this moment on my Instagram and uploaded it to my YouTube channel which you can also view this clip in the video and the end of this post. This short clip is of me the moment I broke through all of this and is also the moment sun came out!

So at the end of the day I learned that perfection is already here in everything that I do. I don’t have to plan for every last thing for my life to unfold exactly as it is supposed to.

My heart, and my body had already planned for the beach and the quiet moment I reveal below. I just needed to get out of my own way to allow it to happen.

I know that YOU are highly functioning, super talented, self compassionate person. And I also know that YOU have had a day like I did yesterday.

I would LOVE to know: How did YOU get through it?! What were the steps you took to forgive yourself and ultimately break free of the idea of perfect? I invite you to share your story with me below my video.

Please know that your comments are healthy energy and they will be helping others to find new solutions to new challenges. I promise that everyone who takes the time to share below my video will experience all forms of healthy abundance flow into your life. Times 10!

I look forward to hearing your adventures and hearing exactly how you discovered YourLifeIsAwesome

cropped-IMG_05611.jpgBig Hugs & Love

Rocco Distefano 

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