Gratitude Challenge! Day 4

Your Life Is AwesomeEarlier this week, I was nominated to share a list of 3 things that I am grateful for, every day, for 5 days.

Today is Day 4.

This project has jumpstarted a part of my creativity that has been dormant for a few weeks. This daily commitment of sharing my joy and blessings has quickly become one of my favorite things to do.

I want to thank those who have taken the time to share their own gratitude in the comments below each post. I encourage you to keep up the gratitude and you will begin to see the signs of the healthy energy you have been transmitting into the universe come right back to you ten fold!

Read below for my own contribution to this amazing energy project!

Today I am grateful for:

One: All of the books and resources that I have entering into my life. I can feel a force of human knowledge flowing to my eyes and into my mind. The words in books, the ideas in blogs and reports; all helping me to create another facet of my life’s work. Thank you!

Two: For this intense yet quite time of planing and preparing. There is a tremendous shift that is happening and it is affecting my body, my business and my life in the healthiest of ways! I also thank the universe for helping me to live strong through this period of heavy work and for keeping me healthy and reminding me to gently care for myself every day.

Three: Ballet! Oh what would I do without this spectacular form of expression?! My relationship with ballet class is very therapeutic. In class, I don’t have time to think! I have to focus my busy brain on one task and one task alone. For 90 glorious minutes, my body and spirit become one! I am blessed to have discovered ballet and I look forward to living it in full glory tomorrow morning at my favorite dance studio!

If your reading this, then I challenge you to a 5 day run of gratitude in your life! The rules are simple:

5 days

Each day a new list of 3 things you are grateful for in your body, your business and your life!

List them in the comments below along with me! Your grateful energy will help trigger the self compassion in someone else and return to you ten fold! Start the chain of gratitude here!

I’ll see you tomorrow with more of my own gratitude!
Rocco DistefanoBig Hugs and Love

Rocco Distefano


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