Money & Energy: Why High Sales Do Not Equal Success

Rocco Distefano I have been giving intuitive readings since I was 19 years old and I started teaching meditation not long after that. Over the years I have enjoyed this practice as an interstitial side business that brought me joy and occasionally, a little money. Four years ago I decided to take this side practice and make it my full time career.


Today, at 34, I am gainfully self employed by my own merit and talent. I have learned to take full ownership of my thriving business and I am enjoying the luxuries of my hard won success.

But I am always looking to learn ways to do my job even better, so March I joined an online program and community of like minded entrepreneurs: Marie Forleo’s B-School. The idea was to connect with other talented, heart centered, individuals and hopefully, with Marie’s guidance, take my career to the next level.

Marie has been awesome! Her program is exceptional and for the large part, being a part of this community has been, educational and wonderful experience! I have learned so much from so many who are producing some of this century’s best work. I have also made some really good friends 🙂

Since joining, I see a lot of super talented people launching their products and services on our private Facebook group. Everyday, I see lots of pretty head shots taken by expensive photographers, lots of asymmetrical haircuts on painfully hip guys and gals designed to inspire me to “release my inner rebel” and make lots of money!

All of this is awesome and even kind of cool, but occasionally I will notice a launch “success story” who’s driving point appears to be how much money was made in sales. Now, I am all about celebrating success without apologies but when I see another entrepreneur brandish their tax forms from a launch on a forum of 13,000 people. I get confused and suspicious. Why? Did you win the lottery? because thats what it sounds like from here.

A few years ago I had my first 5 figure month and it never crossed my mind to share this information with anyone other than my best friend, whom I took to dinner to celebrate and my accountant (whom I did not take to dinner :-). I did not put out a blast to my Facebook family about my success because it made no sense to me.

Perhaps it was my own self consciousness that held me back. Most of the people that were in my life at the time will probably never make that kind of money. I didn’t want to piss anyone off.

I also didn’t want my clients to think that I was taking advantage of them. I take my students very seriously and treat every one of them as I would want to be treated. I know that I would feel really funny if I paid a coach a premium and then saw the check I wrote him splashed on Facebook, Twitter or in a newsletter. I would no longer feel safe with that person. This mistrust would compromise our work together and ultimately waste everyone’s time, and ironically, everyone’s money too.

Now do not get me wrong. I am happy to see so much healthy success and abundance on this entrepreneurial forum. This healthy energy only enhances my own and vice versa. And I feel that is is completely appropriate to for us to share our success with each other and not feel like we have to apologize for it.

Your Life Is Awesome

But when it comes to sharing, can’t we just let our natural talents fuel our marketing? Can’t we just trust that we are really good at our jobs and let our talent speak for itself? Why all of this hoopla about launch sales? At the end of the day, I know that the kind of client who is going to pay attention to these numbers is most likely only interested in the bottom line, the end result, the finished product.

This is the kind of person that who probably will not be fully present for our work, which is very unsatisfying to me. If you don’t already know, I sell mentorships and meditations that are designed to help you become more self aware, self compassionate and successful at your own life.

This work takes time, effort, love and patience on everyone’s part. If you come to me looking for our work to be instantaneous you will completely miss some of the coolest parts of self discovery. I am selling self contentment, not a high end PC.  This is why I do not share my bank statement on a public forum. It creates a focal point for my business and our work that makes absolutely no sense.

Maybe at some point down the road I will feel it is appropriate for Your Life Is Awesome to become a publicly traded company. At that time it will make sense for me to talk abut long term projections and fiscal years but as of now I have no need to woo investers. I am a small business. Not Apple.

To that end, I feel like the energy peeking out from behind some of these overtly aggressive launch “success stories” is the ideology that “money = success” or that “money = quality, talent, love or freedom” And it doesn’t. Money = Energy and disastrous things happen when you have absolutely no idea what to do with said energy. This is why I used the “lottery winner” analogy above.

Someone who goes from a low 5 figure yearly income to a 6 or 7 figure income over night often times has absolutely no idea what to do with all that energy. So they do the most obvious thing: They consume it and brandish it out of discomfort and often times it consumes them as well.

Anyone who has become famous overnight can also understand what I am talking about. All that new energy from all of those fans? If you do not have a healthy respect and understanding for it, it will follow the path of least residence: and get redirected back into your body, your business and your life in unhealthy ways.

Energy is a powerful thing. It is a precious and divine resource and our bodies and our life can only handle so much of an increase at a time without making the entire system go haywire.

Mismanaged energy can compromise, your sleep patterns, eating schedule, work/play schedule, and this imbalance will bleed into your business, products and the quality of your work and everyone suffers for it. Our paradoxically tough yet fragile human bodies can only handle a limited amount of energy per day and we need to have a constructive plan of direction so that it does not blow up in our face. Or in this case, our client’s faces. 

Maybe I feel this way because its my job to read “between the lines” or perhaps I may be overly “sensitive”. Either way, you can be sure that I would not feel confident working with a coach or a mentor who does not have a handle on his or her energy management.

However, I must give these launchers some credit and due admiration. At least they are putting themselves out there. For all the time I have been in business, I have yet to launch an at home, do it yourself product that the public can buy. With the exception of my weekly Meditation Master Classes which accommodate up to 30 people, most of my programs are designed for private mentorship.

Rocco DistefanoI am working on it. Even as I write this, the meditations for my first DIY program are sitting on my desk waiting to be recorded. But I am a perfectionist. I won’t ever put something of mine out into the world unless I am absolutely sure it is my best. I want to be absolutely certain that my body, my business and my life is ready for all of this healthy new abundance so that I can be present for this change and welcome it and my new students with a grounded energy that inspires and supports.

And you can be sure that when I do publish my first, second, third, fiftieth program and all that new, healthy money energy starts flooding into my life, I will be sure to let you know about it, through enhanced user experiences on this website, better quality videos and posts, public appearances and awesome new products.

You see, when you pay me it stops being just about “Rocco’s Awesome Website/Product/Hair-photo.MonsterLaunch!!”. My business becomes a partnership between me and you. And you are the most important part <3

The energy that you share with me in exchange for my time and talent is something that I accept, place and use with joy and love, and tremendous care and respect. You will never see me celebrate this exchange by flashing my bottom line. Everyone with whom I work means a great deal to me and you will be treated like as such from start to finish. Every day. Every time <3

So, I ask you! What do you think about money and energy? How have they affected your business, your body and your life? Have you experienced instant success and had it work out for you? If so, how did you manage that energy in a healthy and productive way? Share your ideas below! Your comments are healthy energy and will be returned to you ten fold!

Your Life Is AwesomeBig Hugs & Love

Rocco Distefano


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  1. carolanne
    October 12, 2014 at 11:42 am

    A really good article! Really got me thinking about the impact of what I read online and how it effects my business

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