Talking “Meditation” With Cloris Kylie

This week I was a special guest on my friend Cloris Kylie’s internet radio show Magnificent Time. It was an honor to share my experience and story with this beautiful community. In this episode Cloris and I talk about, what mediation is, when and how you should meditate and how to use meditation to manifest your dreams!

I also talk about my new guided meditation release “Intro To Meditation”, which is available right now in The Meditation Store!

I encourage you to listen to the half hour audio during your morning commute or anytime you desire. It is well structured and informed discussion that will set your day on a path to empowerment!

Anyone who listens to the audio cast will receive Cloris’ discount in The Meditation Store. which is good for 20% off any of my meditations!

After listening, I encourage you to share you commentary below. Constructive comments are received as good, healthy energy and will be returned to you ten fold! Do you have any special ways that you meditate? What do you think about breath and gravity? How have you used meditation to improve your body and your life?

Your Life Is AwesomeBig Hugs & Love!

Rocco Distefano

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