Meditate Your Way To The Top, Part Three: Staying True To You

Back in May I gave a lecture at Brookdale College for the students of the Pride Network Speak Summit. The summit was a spectacular event, designed to spark an organic dialogue between peers on a range of subjects, including meditation and spirituality.

This is part 2 of a series of 4 videos. Go watch the first and second ones if you missed them!

In this video, I talk about doing the things that you love in life, even if they are deemed “unpopular” by friends, family, or social media. I will share with you 2 basic rules that will help you make healthy decisions and keep you doing what you love.

Sometimes the hardest things to do in our lives are the things that are decidedly “unpopular”.

After watching the video, I encourage you to take part in the discussion in the comments below! Have you ever encountered resistance from the world around you, even if what you are doing in life is coming from a place of passion, intelligence, talent and love? How did you keep true to yourself even if it didn’t fly well with rest of the crowd? Share them with the world here! Add your story to the comments below!

Your unique experience is very important! So I encourage you to take the time to comment and share this video with your friends! Your words may help someone who may not be able to put their feelings into words and may help someone make the breakthrough that they need! I promise that whatever healthy energy you put out in the form of comments will come back to you ten fold!

I will be active in the comments section with you and make my self available to answer any question you have on this video 🙂 I am looking forward to connecting with you!


Until next time, big hugs & love!

Rocco Distefano

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