Thoughts On My Dad, Faith And Bunnies

Rocco & DadMy dad is my biggest hero. Even when our relationship has been challenged this remains a truth for me. His name is Mauro and this is a picture of us at our birthday dinner last year which are a day apart. Today I would like to share with you how he has impacted a lot of what I do in business and in life.

When I was 5 years old, I had a playdate with a neighborhood friend and during our hang out we had decided that it would be cool to have a bunny rabbit for pet.


Thats when I reached for my toy xylophone from my play chest and emphatically pronounced  that “my dad can turn this toy into a rabbit for us! I remember believing very clearly that he could perform this feat without question. I was so very excited and felt kinda sorry for my 5 year old friend who remained dubious. He had no idea the kind of power my dad has! We were going to have a rabbit!

You can imagine my disappointment when he came home from work and told me that it could not be done. In retrospect, I believe I accepted this fairly quickly but I think some part of me still hasn’t let go of the idea that my dad is the kind of person that can do anything.


This early day in my relationship with my father helped me to learn something big and important about faith and this has become a powerful truth that has stayed with me ever since that day: When the love you have for someone is great enough, your faith in that person can transcend the boundaries of what is humanly possible. It can stretch the imagination beyond the threshold of belief and generate a tiny (or not so tiny) ball of hope and this hope can make all the difference. It certainly has in my own life. My faith in my father has afforded me the power to do things I might not have ever thought to do: Like studying ballet, entering and staying in recovery, starting my own business and even driving across the US by myself!

Thanks Mauro oxox

Now I’d like to ask you!: Is there anyone special in your life that has sparked a thread of hope in your heart? Is there anyone that helped you to have more faith in life than you thought was possible? Share it with me in the comments below! I can’t wait to hear your stories!

Love, Rocco





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