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Love Letters From Some of My Favorite Students!

Donald Osborne Jay Leno's GarageIn the 15 months I have been working with Rocco, I have rediscovered myself in ways previously quite unimaginable. With him I have been able to uncover reserves of strength, honesty, compassion and true, deep emotion I never knew I possessed.

More importantly, he and I have been able to discover how I can most effectively access those attributes and use them as tools in order to improve the quality of my life on a daily basis.

Rocco hasn’t and doesn’t ‘teach’, or ‘lead’ me in any commonly perceived way. He is a true ‘counselor’- gently, kindly but firmly guiding me how to see and to feel what has been in and around me all the time; things that I’ve been hiding, denying or fighting for years, in some cases for almost my entire life.

Through our work together I have not only connected with a deep, personal spirituality for the first time but have also been able to open myself to a level of success and abundance professionally and personally that has been truly remarkable.

Rocco, I thank you so much for helping me to maximize the best of my humanity.

Donald Osborne ~ Palm Springs California,  Automotive Valuation Services


Rocco DistefanoIn the past 2 years I have experienced every single program and service that Rocco has to offer and I continue to connect with Rocco for guidance and in friendship. People have seen the remarkable changes in me. I hear all the time “Dawn! You are a completely different person!” You have changed so much!

I believe it is through the powerful meditations and steady mentorship with Rocco that has afforded me the ability to work through the tough spots and truly begin to see the powerful person I am underneath!In meditation I can actually feel the changes happening within my body! It is a powerful experience that I highly recommend!

I have always been a heavy person and carried extra weight. During my work with Rocco I lost 40 lbs by doing the breathing and meditations. And I all I was doing was eating heather! No gym at all! Through this work, I feel more confident in my body and safe in my own skin. I know who I really am!

Above all of this what I really appreciate about Rocco is his level of polish, professionalism and commitment to me and our work. Rocco really customizes my meditations and programs to tailor to my needs and my personal energy.

His upbeat energy and no-judgement approach to mentorship really empowers me to take charge of my responsibilities in life.

There are so many generic programs out there that don’t do this. Rocco really sets the standard here for how spiritual mentorship programs should be designed and run! If your considering meditation mentorship, I highly recommend Rocco. I am living proof of how Awesome these programs are!

Dawn Tucker ~ Vernon, British Columbia


I suffer from agoraphobia which means I have trouble leaving the house. I had heard about Rocco through a friend of mine who he had helped through coaching. I was skeptical at first but after just one coaching session with Rocco I was able to not only leave leave my house but also to walk down to the park I used to go to as a child.

I know this may not sound like much but this is something I could not do for years. Rocco has helped me make brake throughs that years of therapy could not even begin to fix. I wish I had started working with Rocco earlier as it would have saved me a lot of money.

Rocco taught me how to find my inner strength through meditation and now I am thriving! Even my doctors remark on my progress! Rocco really gives so much himself during a reading and coaching and just being around him makes me smile! Thank you so much Rocco! You have made my life awesome!

Richard M. ~ New York, New York, Designer   

Jenna Soard ~ Portland Oregon,  CEO of

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