About Rocco

A Personal Note of Welcome

My name is Rocco Distefano. I am a Certified Trauma Informed Intuitive Life Coach. I have 18 years experience as a coach and intuitive and I am currently working towards my LCSW in Clinical Social Work so that I can better serve YOU. I am here to help you recover from traumatic events through my trauma informed healing and help you find lasting peace.

I understand what it is like to have a nagging feeling that something isn’t quite right, a feeling of listlessness, or even insomnia, nightmares and terrible thoughts. You see, I too am a survivor of trauma. I suffered years of abuse in childhood and spent the early part of my adult life healing from  that time. But it no longer haunts me. After many years of healing and self discovery including 10 years of ballet and modern dance training, a corporate hospitality gig in Times Square NY, intensive meditation and psychodynamic work with other professionals, I am fully healed from the past, I am able to own the fact that I am no longer in a cycle of abuse. My mind has integrated the past into a narrative that I have reconciled with but it wasn’t always this way.

From the age of infancy into early adulthood I allowed the abuse to shape who I thought I was. I was told I was a loser, a waste of space, a problem and I believed it… because at the time I needed to in order to survive.

When I was in my late teens the abuse stopped long enough for me to realize that it had a powerful impact on my senses. In surviving it, my body had become “hyper sensitive” to energy, people and all levels of frequency. The hyper vigilance required for me to survive had made me “psychic” for lack of a better word and I was able to see and do intuitive things like use somatic experiences of people to give accurate life readings, meditation, mindfulness, and energy healing effortlessly and naturally without any formal training.

Being a survivor I’ve learned to spot other survivors easily. I would often meet people who needed healing as much as I did. Interstitially, from my late teens into my late 20s I was working as a healer and a channel and by the time I was 30 I finally had enough sense to recognize that this wasn’t some side job. In 2012 I finally took YourLifeIsAwesome online and through the power of the internet began to work with people all over the globe.

Since then I have worked to help 1000s of other survivors heal from their past and move forward with their lives in a meaningful and sustainable way. In the last 2 years I have added trauma training certifications to my credentials as a healer and a channel so that I can better serve my community. I am also always learning and improving my skills by taking training courses and it is my plan to help our leaders face toughest issues of the day like addiction and the effects of trauma on the brain.

My practice is for you! If you are ready to invest in your healing and your future then this is the place for you!


Rocco has been Certified Trauma Informed by a Licensed Creative Arts Therapist, EMDR practitioner & Trauma Specialist.  

Rocco is currently working towards his LCSW in clinical social work.

Rocco is self taught in the areas of intuition, healing, channeling, meditation, mindfulness, symbology & tarot.

In The Community

Rocco is an advocate for addicts and alcoholics and has worked as a leader working to help addicts recovery and survivors of varying degrees of trauma in New York and In San Francisco. Since 2007 Rocco has worked individuals and groups with 1000s of addicts and trauma survivors. He has started four Meditation meetings from nothing and helped to maintain at least 50 others. He has spoken all over New York and San Francisco about his own story of recovery from trauma.

Rocco has served as an Spirituality and Health Columnist for new Jersey’s The Pride Network and has given talks on mindfulness in connection with Hofstra University and Brookdale Community College.

Rocco has also served as Expert On Meditation for the GWEN Network website (Global Woman’s Empowerment Network).

Rocco has been out and proud as a gay man since 1996 (age 16). He is a steadfast and powerful advocate for members of the LGBTQ spectrum and strives to stay up to date on the concerns and needs of his community.

Rocco is an advocate for trauma survivors of all kinds: PTSD, natural or man made disasters, accidents, physical, sexual, emotional, military combat, medical trauma, trauma of neglect, drug related trauma amoung others.

Rocco is a founder, facilitator and member of the Huntington based Trauma Informed Peer Support group that meets every 2nd Saturday at 345 Main street in Huntington NY.

Rocco is a daily practitioner of yoga and proudly works as a Karma Yogi at Garden City’s first pure Yoga Studio Yoga Nanda