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Rocco DistefanoWhat can I expect from a reading? During a reading I will be connecting with your Angels, Spirit Guides, Chakra Energy Centers , and Higher Self to access where you are in life, what if anything is blocking your way and how to move forward from there. To book a reading please pay for your session here!

How Safe Is My Reading?: Very safe! Our safety is my number one priority. Please know that I only work with high angelic and guide frequencies. The same ones that have been guiding and protecting me for my entire life. This loving and clear guidance has been responsible for directing me to more healthy life choices on more that one occasion. It has steered me away from danger, death and self destruction.

This information I receive from these guiding frequencies is has proven time and again to be trustworthy and effective and protective in nature. My health and success in my business and in my life is living proof that they are the real McCoy 🙂

I only work with lower frequencies, (like the deceased) if you feel the need to connect with a family member that has passed over, and even then those energies have to be in high integrity to make it pass my light checks and balances to reach us. I don’t work with shady ladies (or men) in the physical world and I don’t in the ethereal 🙂

During a reading I raise my body’s vibration to match that of a loving and protective angelic frequency. This  surrounds us an energy that ensures that all information exchanged is for the highest good of all involved. So you get only the healthiest information during our reading. Our energy and bodies are also protected.

More specifically, I work with the arch angels Gabriel and Michael, as well as my own high frequency spirit guides to provide for us a safe and loving space for us to help you absorb and hear what your guides most what you to know.

How Accurate is the information you Share? Very Accurate. The information I share with you is a direct download from your own energy frequency. I make a commitment to sharing with you what I receive in its most unedited form. My true experience of you is what you get. My guides are clear, concise and very direct and so am I.

Where will we be doing my reading? Our sessions will be held Over Skype, in person or over the phone. If your reading is over the phone or internet, I will call you at the time of our appointment. I am very prompt so I will call you at exactly our scheduled time.

How much does a reading cost? The current cost for a one hour reading session with me is $500. You can book your session here! 

Do you use tarot cards or any other form of divination during your readings? No.  All I need is you. Your energy and guides will fill me in on all we need to know.

When should I pay for my reading? All Readings, Mentorships, Master Classes and Workshops are to be paid in full and up front.

What is Your Refund Policy?  I value my time and energy and I only work with others who hold the same reverence for my work. When you book a reading with me, I am setting aside time especially for you. So if you cancel or are a no call/no show, it can be difficult to place someone in your slot on short notice.

To be fair to my time and energy and for those on my wait list, once you book your reading you have up to 48 hours, prior to our start time, to request a full refund minus a $150 scheduling fee. If you need to reschedule you may reschedule one time free of charge as long as you inform me within 48 hours of our original appointment. If you need to cancel or try to reschedule a second time or after 48 hours of your appointment, or are a no show for any session at YourLifeIsAwesome, you forfeit your session without refund. Due to energy output there can be no Refunds for Completed Readings. Please check my Legal Page for my entire Refund policy.

Where do you get the information you share?: We all have an inner guidance. Some call it intuition or gut feelings, others call it angels, some spirit guides, whatever you decide to call it, this is a place where all information on any subject can be accessed. Everyone has access to this. Some are more attuned to this sensitivity than others. I have worked with this sensitivity my entire life and have found great success from listening to the answers I received from this Loving and Protective Intuitive Frequency. My Guides and Angels are a powerful tool that can help add color to my decision making and ultimately aid me in making powerful and healthy choices in my life. Let me help you with yours 🙂

What Are The Right Questions To Ask In A Reading?: There is no such thing as the right questions. What you feel compelled to ask will be exactly perfect. Most of the time I will have all of your written questions answered before you have the opportunity to ask them!

The questions are a way for you to prepare and connect with the work in our reading which is all about intuition and self discovery.  I find that all the right answers come out in a reading weather you know to ask them or not!

The themes I hear most often are: Career, Love, Health, facilitating contact with the deceased and confirmation of spirit guide/higher self connections.

Ask what ever you want knowing that you will hear what you most need to hear in perfect timing 🙂

I really want to have a reading but I don’t want to hear that something “bad” is going to happen to me: Well, I will rarely use the word bad to describe anything but I appreciate your concern. I sure wouldn’t want to get a reading if I thought I was going to hear something terrible either!

Understand that my goal in our session is to give you a snapshot of your current choices in life and to help empower you to take the road that is healthiest for your body and your life. Sometimes life presents us with difficult choices and in my experience, the sweetest rewards on our journey can come from facing these choices, head on, with courage, strength and love, never fear.

So, sometimes I will see something that may create discomfort and I will be sure to share this with you in a way that  is clear and easy for you to understand. And I will never tell you something as crazy as “you have been cursed” because “curses”, “hexes”, “badd juju” are not real unless you allow them to be.  Take a moment to read my article on “curses” and scams. Its a beautiful story and describes my feeling on the matter more completely.

I have also been doing this for a long time so I have developed a reading delivery that takes into account your current emotional state. Part of the reason I am able to perform this service is that I am very good at knowing what you are feeling so you can imagine that your emotional well being is my number one concern. I want to empower you, not take that power away.

I will never blurt out sensitive information in a manner that is course or dramatic. Our reading is a private and personal exploration and therefore a safe place just for you. If I sense something unpleasant, you can expect me to broach the subject with decorum and poise.

I must also share that a reading with me can be very revealing and I will always be mindful of your feelings in our session. But my best advice to anyone in any reading with any person. Don’t ask something if you do not want the answer 🙂

I am feeling Suicidal and Extremely Depressed. Can a reading with you help?: Life can be very hard at times and occasionally the thought of ending your own may have crossed your mind. This is okay. This does not always mean that you will take action on this but it is helpful to talk about your feelings with someone and this is something that we can most certainly discuss in our session together.

It is important to know that your thoughts are just thoughts. Thoughts are only problematic when you enter a planning stage and begin to take action. So, If you are experiencing immediate feelings of wanting to hurt yourself and are planning to do so in the foreseeable future than you are not in need of an Intuitive Reading, You are in need of medical attention.

My purpose here is to help you to enjoy your human life more fully and that means honoring all of your human self, body and mind. This includes making sure that you are getting the proper psychological and medical care from a licensed health care professional when you need it.

If we begin a reading and you tell me that you are preparing to end your life in the immediate future, I am obligated to recommend that you get yourself to the emergency room immediately and afterwards, begin a period of psychotherapy with a licensed therapist or psychiatrist. After an appropriate amount of time and with your health care provider’s permission we can then revisit working together.

I would be wary of the practitioner who does not recommend a period of psychological care or immediate medical action if you are planning to harm yourself. Even if they are licensed councilors or doctors, they are required by law to get you medical attention if you need it.

Your health and well being is the most important reason for this work and this is my top priority. I want to help you find a reason to LIVE your life and enjoy that LIFE. That is why I am here 🙂

I am in a lot of physical and emotional pain. Will working with You help me to stop feeling the pain?: To take away your pain would be providing you with a great disservice. Your body and mind (You Are) a highly sensitive, perfectly designed organic instrument. Beautifully designed! Even when you feel terrible!

While the nature of life may not always feel pleasant, there are some powerful agents of change in this personal pain that will give you the strength to change the world in the ways that only YOU can 🙂 Our work together will help you to love your body and to love your life exactly as it already is!

The goal of our work is to help you to better understand who you are. You will learn skills that will help you to better manage and learn from your pain because you will start to understand why you are feeling the pain in the first place.

Working with me will empower you to finds ways to use the pain that you are feeling to transform your life. As bad as it may feel right now (and trust me! I so understand how you feel!) you are having these experiences so that you can grow from them. It’s my job to help you sort through these feelings so that you can become empowered by them. I encourage you to Be Brave and feel your feelings! While we work I will be here with you every step of the way 🙂

Our work should never be looked upon as a get out of life free card”. Because life doesn’t work that way. And I don’t work that way. If you are looking to “check out” or a “quick fix” then this work is not for you. 

If you feel called to live your best life right now you can book your reading right here! I am looking forward to meeting you!

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