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I truly believe that Your Life Is Awesome! and I am here to help you get centered within it!

I have a very close relationship with my intuition and spirit guides. Allow me the honor of connecting you with yours for the answers to your most pressing questions.

In Your Channeled Reading, I will tune into your Energy Centers, Spirit Guide and Higher Self so that you will have direct contact with the very frequency that can help answer the questions you have swimming in your mind right now. Stop that worrying, give yourself piece of mind and with clear answers from your guide now!

The information I will channel for you in your reading session will be invaluable to navigate whatever challenges you now face and can save you time and unneeded worry. Why spend another day stressing bout what to do?

With my connection to your Guide, you will know for sure of your best course of action and get a clearer idea of how to start doing that…Now! The information we gather will give us a solid snapshot of where you currently reside in your life, where you are headed and what, if anything is blocking your way from reaching your desired goals and dreams.

In our session you will be able to ask spirit up to 25 questions about any area of your life and I will give you the direct response from your spirit guide. I will also be connecting with your major chakra energy centers and get extra info that will help us to better understand your situation in life with clarity and peace.

We will begin with a grounding meditation where I will connect with your guide and energy and take notes as you relax peacefully. When the short meditation is over I will give you all the info I channeled from your guide. Then I will open the floor for you to ask questions to your guide. I encourage you to take notes! Afterwards you will receive a followup mini phone session to be used sometime over the next month if you have any follow up questions. As a bonus you will also  receive a copy of my compassion grounding meditation to help you find clarity and peace at home or on the go!

In answering your questions  and tuning into your energy we will discuss what your guides most want you to know and how to best use this information to create balance and peace for you and your world starting today. Grant yourself the gift of clarity and of knowing. Book your channeled reading with me today!

60 Minute Channeled Skype Reading $500 (Including follow up mini phone session and compassion meditation)


30 Minute Channeled Skype Reading $250 (Including follow up mini email reading and compassion meditation)

This reading is a lighter version of the full reading. This session allows us time for you to ask about 8 questions to your guide about any area of your life. We will meet up and I will tune into your guide and open the channel up right away for your questions. Afterwards you will receive one mini email reading for you to use over the next month in case you have any follow up questions for your guide. As a bonus you will also receive a copy of my compassion grounding meditation to help you find clarity and peace at home or on the go! This is a great choice if you need some quick guidance or just want to check in with your guide for some quick answers.If you are looking for a more in depth reading I recommend the 60 minute option.

Love From Clients

Karl WardenAfter having 2 readings from him, I contacted the amazing Rocco again and set up another Skype session with him. It was such an awesome experience. It was then that I let him know that EVERY SINGLE THING he said to me in that coffee shop that sunny day had come true!

This man is the real deal and I’m so thankful to have him in my life and his abilities, guidance, and spirit are things that I would love everyone to experience. If you have questions about your life Please stop what you are doing and book a reading with this man! It will change your life!

Karl Warden ~ Broadway Dancer, Television Personality

Read Karl’s incredible experience here!

Nancy“Rocco gave me a beautiful reading. He read me as though I were a living band of energy frequencies. Through his sense of my energies and contact with my spiritual advisors, he was able to deliver some very valuable information about obstacles I have encountered in my life and how to change my energies and chakra centers in order to reap the benefits of a fuller, more fruitful existence.

What I really liked about Rocco’s style of delivery, was that he remained – at all times – in the highest spiritual realms. He has a purity of purpose and of heart. Rocco isn’t pretending to be spiritual… he simply is. I highly recommend him if you are seeking truth in your life.”

Nancy ~ Lawyer, Intuitive Coach

Jenna Soard ~ CEO of


“Rocco has an astounding ability to see the truth with astonishing compassion and clarity. He sees his clients as they truly are (awesome!) and holds space for them to feel the truth of what he sees. Knowing the truth gives you the opportunity to heal yourself, and if you work with Rocco he will show up for you in a coaching and cheering capacity that will spur you on to achieve your dreams and live your purpose. He believes in you, and it’s beautiful!”

Adrianna ~ Trauma Specialist 


I sought out Rocco because I was becoming frustrated with the direction my life was taking me. I chose to do an in person reading. As I entered his office I immediately felt happy and a comforting sense of positive energy. I was given a reading with his having no knowledge of my personal history.

He has an uncanny and natural ability to connect with the inner guides of life and exudes great sensitivity in connecting with the human spirit! He provided me with precise information from my guides and new possibilities. I am so glad that I came to Rocco as he provided a very calm and peaceful atmosphere and opened my eyes to new directions my life could take!

I would highly recommend anyone who seeks a higher understanding of their life’s purpose to pay this talented man a visit!

Kristi N

Rocco DistefanoYour Awesome Life Reading may be conducted over the Phone or over Skype. If you have booked an on person session and are nearby, I will travel to you a time that is convenient for you.

Once I have received your payment I will send you a confirmation email with available dates and times within 24-48 hours. It is very rare that I will miss that deadline but if it has been over 48 hours please feel free to contact me here and I will get right back to you!

More questions? Check out my Reading FAQ for clear answers about your channeled reading!

Depending on my availability, your session will occur within 10-14 days of  our booking. The sooner you schedule your session the sooner we will be able to connect! Please visit my Legal Page to review YourLifeIsAwesome policies  

If you would like to book over the phone and speak with Rocco directly or would like to request a specific date and time please Contact Rocco with your name and number and a good time to call. Please leave a message and Rocco will do his best to get back to you that day.

We understand that you have a busy Life so All readings will be conducted in the strictest of Confidence. The only one who will hear your reading will be You and any information that Rocco shares with you will also remain Private.

Anything that you discuss with Rocco outside of your session is also Confidential. Rocco holds the highest of Standards when it comes to Professionalism and he handles and receives all of his clients in Kindness and Respect. Rocco has a strict No-Judgement policy and as such assures you his absolute discretion.


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