Meditation Clarity Sessions

Rocco DistefanoMeditation Clarity is a lighter version of mentorship that is designed to help you balance yourself throughout the week.

This is a wonderful option for us if you are searching for ways to ground yourself and reclaim your high energy levels.

Our Meditate Clarity Sessions will not only Recharge and Refresh but also give you the tools specific to your personal needs that will help you to maintain your personal Energy in crucial moments maintain your high level of professional integrity and guard yourself in draining situations.

In these sessions you will get:

Twelve 45 minute  Gentle, Energizing, Grounding/Healing sessions with Rocco that will help you to gain confidence in meditation as you learn to Meditate & Breathe in a way that is Right For You.

Complete Confidentiality:  anything you share with Rocco will always be kept private.

Learn at a pace that is best for you in Rocco’s loving and supportive. no-judgement sessions

Learn to ground and protect your Mind, Body and Spirit from outside influences through the development of your personal Sacred Space while Rocco teaches you to increase your energy and vitality through breath and creative visualization in a way that is Unique and Special to You.

Learn to create healthy and compassionate boundaries with the People and Places and Things in your life. You’ll learn to better understand your own energy so you can start saying no to negative or draining situations and people and yes to the empowering ones.

Learn to use your newfound extra time and energy so that you can  begin working on things that are in alignment with your true purpose!

Phone support 6  days a week (Mon-Sat) for when you need to check in with Rocco, have a question or feel you need some extra support. Rocco knows that what your experiencing is life changing and he wants you to know that you have the support you deserve. (please check with Rocco for your hours)

Rocco’s superlative commitment to your growth and well being. Working with Rocco means that you are working with the best in the business of Life Balancing.

You will not only have Rocco’s experience, you also have the benefits of his stellar work ethic and the solace of knowing that you are working with one of the most ethical and psychologically grounded experts in the business. You can feel safe and secure knowing that your support is coming from a place of High Integrity, Love and Powerful Self Awareness

(A full semester is a 3 month period of 12 sessions and one week of sacred clarity) Please fill out the short form below and I will set up our Free Discovery Chat! I am looking forward to meeting you!

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  • If you prefer to connect initially via email rather than giving out your phone number, thats okay 🙂 Please be aware that we will need to connect via phone to officially schedule our sessions and to move forward with your transformation 🙂
  • Please be sure to denote AM or PM and share your TIME ZONE so that Rocco can call schedule your return call correctly 🙂

Letters From Students

Rocco Distefano

I have always been a heavy person and carried extra weight. During my work with Rocco I lost 40 lbs by doing the breathing and meditations. And I all I was doing was eating heather! No gym at all! Through this work, I feel more confident in my body and safe in my own skin. I know who I really am!

In the past 2 years I have experienced every single program and service that Rocco has to offer and I continue to connect with Rocco for guidance and in friendship. People have seen the remarkable changes in me. I hear all the time “Dawn! You are a completely different person!” You have changed so much!

I believe it is through the powerful meditations and steady mentorship with Rocco that has afforded me the ability to work through the tough spots and truly begin to see the powerful person I am underneath!In meditation I can actually feel the changes happening within my body! It is a powerful experience that I highly recommend!

I have always been a heavy person and carried extra weight. During my work with Rocco I lost 40 lbs by doing the breathing and meditations. And I all I was doing was eating heather! No gym at all! Through this work, I feel more confident in my body and safe in my own skin. I know who I really am!

Above all of this what I really appreciate about Rocco is his level of polish, professionalism and commitment to me and our work. Rocco really customizes my meditations and programs to tailor to my needs and my personal energy.

His upbeat energy and no-judgement approach to mentorship really empowers me to take charge of my responsibilities in life.

There are so many generic programs out there that don’t do this. Rocco really sets the standard here for how spiritual mentorship programs should be designed and run! If your considering meditation mentorship, I highly recommend Rocco. I am living proof of how Awesome these programs are!

Dawn Tucker ~ Teacher, Bee Keeper, Motorcyclist

Joe Scott HubrickSpending time with my friend Rocco is constantly a magical experience. Rocco has this ability to get into the heart of any issue and instantly know what it is needed for all parties involved.

I have booked coaching with him and in just a few sessions he has been able to validate my feelings on my most pressing matters and helped me to gently ground myself and regain clarity in my professional life.

Being intuitive myself, I understand that Spirit choses to speak through Rocco in a pure and clear way that provides you with answers that allow you to make healthy choices that will not only help strengthen you but also help you to see yourself more fully and with the most important element of Self Love. Coaching with Rocco has been such a gift! Worth every penny!


Joe Hubrich ~  Tour Manager for Ms. Sandra Bernhard

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