One Time Session Agreement

Thanks for booking your one time session with Rocco! This policy page applies specifically to the person receiving this one time session. By booking you understand and agree to the following:

By booking a session with Rocco Distefano  you agree that You are Responsible for Your Own Actions before, during and after any exchange with the information, ideas, meditations, suggestions or techniques including the ideas and information that may be exchanged with Rocco before, during, or after a Reading or Coaching session.

By booking a reading/coaching session you agree to release Rocco Distefano, the company YourLifeIsAwesome and its employees from any liability with regards to any loss or damage to any person or group related directly, or indirectly to any of the information displayed on this website or exchanged with Rocco Distefano before, during or after a Reading/Coaching session.

You under stand that this session is not a substitute for prescribed Therapy, Psychiatry, Medical appointments, and/or 12 step programs. All your appointments with these respective professionals should all be honored and attended and should be continued  if you know it to be in your best interest.

My purpose with readings and coaching sessions are to provide insight and inspiration but My only real job is to experience you and report back with my discovery. Before, during and after our session, you agree to be responsible for your physical, emotional, spiritual and psychological well being as well as your own happiness.

Things I am Not

I am not a doctor and I can not diagnose any medical condition or illness of any kind.  Additionally, I am not a psychotherapist and I am not trained in any psychological modality. If you have a pressing psychological concern, I urge you to ask your psychotherapist.I am also happy to help you find resources to get any psychological help you may need. I will help you find these resources for no additional charge.  I am also not a lawyer so I can not give you legal advice.

If you do not agree with the above you must let Rocco know immediately and he will process a full refund for this single booked session. This needs to be done prior to your session start time.

Cancelations: (including not agreeing with the above policies) are possible at anytime leading up to your session time. Any cancelation requests made after the start of  your session time will result in your forfeit of your full session fee.

Reschedule Policy: If you need to reschedule please try your best to do so within 24 hours of your session time.