Are You Ready To Stop Avoiding Your Pain & Face Yourself?

Welcome Survivor! I am glad you are here! You have just found the support you’ve been searching for!

You are here because:

You are a FEARLESS captain of industry who is ready to face the dark feelings that have been tormenting you.

You are financially secure. You have all the creature comforts & material things you could ever want but ..

you still do not have peace.

You are ready invest in your healing; to do whatever it takes to break through to that lasting peace.

You know there is something trying to breakthrough into your awareness that appears to get in the way of you performing at your best. You ready to stop avoiding this strange pain/emptyness/fear and be freed of this darkness! for good!

My name is Rocco Distefano I am here to help you work through this difficult time and heal.

Throughout your healing you will re-discover the best parts of yourself so that you are able to utilize your body, mind and spirit in its fullest capacity.

It is through the practices of Mindfulness, Meditation & Intuition that you will peel off the old layers of depression, anxiety and trauma and step into the next stage of your life!

If you are ready to stop avoiding the pain and face it head on then Your Life Is Awesome and coaching with me is exactly right for you. Together we will embark on a journey of self discovery unlike you have ever experienced. Through our special work you will have my support every step of the way and the auspicious opportunity to uncover yourself from the weight of past trauma.

You will leave our work with confidence and with the knowledge of how to use your power and resources to better the world with your own brand of Compassion, Truth and Integrity. Together we will uncover the path of understanding as we discover exactly why Your Life Is Awesome!

If you are ready to do this work and invest in your healing and your future then: Book Your first session with Rocco to get started on the path to peace …Today