Rocco’s Tarot Readings

General One Card Reading With Rocco

Simple and Concise, this one card reading can help you to bring your most pressing matters of life into clear and actionable perspective. Using my deck and my sensitive intuition I will give you the information you most need to hear for today. Find a little direction today with this one card reading! $12.50 $4.50

Specific Three Card Reading With Rocco

I know you have one very specific question in mind today so this is the perfect spread for you! Ease yourself out of anxiety and worry and gain some clarity and direction with this reading! My three cards will lay out the energy around your question and help you to see the options you have moving forward so that you can relax. $24,50 $12.50

Some examples of good questions are “How are my finances?” “Is my boyfriend right for me?” “Did I get into my school/program of choice?”

All readings will be sent via email to the email address you use when paying through paypal. Although I strive to get them back to you much sooner, you can expect the turnaround to be between 24-48 hours. I look forward to reading for you!