Thank You For Your Payment B-Schooler!

Please know that I appreciate you and our work. Know that your tuition payment not only honors my time and energy but also honors every ounce of your hard work! And you are doing an Awesome Job!

What to do now: Please send me a message via Facebook so that I can contact you with some available times. I will be getting back to you within one day to set up our time together. I will be doing my best to get you in as soon as possible. Please keep in mind that depending on my availability, our sessions will usually occur within 2 weeks of payment. Once I confirm your payment, We will be ready to go!

Please know that I want to connect with you immediately. So please enjoy a complimentary copy of my mediation on Energy, Frequency & Breath. This quality meditation will help to ground and restore you while explaining the processes of meditation in a way that is clear and easy to understand.


Remember, Money Is Energy and when you invest it in worthwhile things like YOURSELF, it has the powerful potential to come back to you TenFold! I can already feel it on its way! 😉

With Love & Gratitude

Rocco Distefano 

Rocco Distefano

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