The Four Of Pentacles

The Four Of Pentacles

A man sits alone with his back to the wall in a protective stance. A thriving cityscape blossoms behind him showing that he is electively separated from society or status quo and also that there is more to this man’s worth then meets the eye.

He has a tight hold on three pentacles, two are bolted down by his feet, one is gripped tightly in his hands and finally a fourth rests upon his head. His face wears a scowl suggesting that anyone contesting his status, or his fortune is going to have a hell of time making any head way.

Divinatory Meanings


Holding tight. Protecting what is rightfully yours. Holding onto your fortune. Spend thrifting. Hoarding.

The Four of Pentacles is  a card about protecting your energy. This energy can be represented by your money, talent, time, physical property, spiritual energy or even your status in a group or society of people. Fours are all about having already achieved a solid foundation so the person on this card has good reason to be in this protective stance. He has worked hard to amass his fortune and has probably been burned in the past by others who had little respect for his personal property or space. At the moment he is sealing himself off from the world  because he senses an attack coming towards that personal energy and or space.

On its own this is not a card of rigid stubbornness for stubbornness’ sake, this person is heeding an intuitive instinct that is telling him to protect what he has fought and won.

When this card appears upright its time to pay special attention to your assets both spiritual and physical. Is there anyone around you who is not exactly respectful of your time, energy, talent, money etc.? This reminds me of the the old trope where a smarmy looking agent approaches some raw talent actor and offers them the world if they could only pay them xxx dollars to get some photos taken…don’t do it! Chances are that you have all the goods necessary  to get done whatever needs to be done with out the added energy of a using opportunistic person.  Be aware of people who flatter you but don’t really seem to hear you when you are speaking.

If this card doesn’t represent you then someone involved with your question is actively in this protection mode and may need some time to take stock before any of your plans can move forward.

This card can also mean holding onto too much stuff! I once had this card appear in a spread every day one week when I was feeling creatively blocked. When I was putting the cards back into the deck I glanced over at a closet filled with gaming equipment from an old breakup that I hadn’t used in years.

Within 2 hours I had all of it sorted, packed and shipped off to the trade lines. All those years of clutter I had used to block my feelings of heartache were no longer taking up space in my apartment! I wrote 3 short stories that week and enjoyed the end of my artistic funk 🙂

As noted above, the dark side to this card is stagnation. Modes of protection can be fabulous when they are serving their purpose but you do not want to remain in these places for any longer than is necessary. For your projects, and assets to remain relevant and vital you will eventually need outside energy to flow and reconnect with your energy. This is the cycle of life and you want it to continue its course.

If you are unsure of which part of this card applies to you check the surrounding cards (or draw a clarifier). If you draw restrictive cards like The Devil or The 8 of Swords, be on the look out for ways that you can reintegrate your energy with people, places and things that operate on a higher frequency than the ones you are currently guarding from. Ultimately it is your choice when to leave this place of protection. Stay connected with your inner voice, the one who advised you to go here in the first place. Be gentle with your self and that intuition will let you know when and how to release and rejoin the rest of the city 😉


The Four Of Pentacles


The reversed Four of Pentacles indicates a release in stored energy but possibly done so in a reckless manner. This is the person who comes out of protective holding before they are ready or without the careful planning involved with rejoining the lifestream. One example of this would be someone who inherited a lot of money from a relative who passed on. This relative spent years saving on the behalf of this beneficiary with careful, meticulous planning. This card would appear if the beneficiary decided to say gamble it all away at a casino or blow it all on something frivolous. Only one example but you get the idea 🙂


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