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Your Life Is Awesome

Join me for a full semester of Meditation Clarity. This is for the student who is really ready for the beautiful change that comes from living with clarity.

During our semester you will learn exactly what meditation is and how to use it to fine tune your own personal frequency.

I will also be combining techniques and principals from Reiki, Law of Attraction, Psychology, Biology and my best Intuitive Technique, to develop a program tailored specifically to you that will help you to Heal and get back in touch with your Best Self.

This mentorship requires a commitment of at least 12 weeks and is open only to those who are ready to take action and make peaceful change in their lives.

There will be deep meditations and daily exercises for you to do as well healing homework designed to move you forward and get you reconnected with your inner self.

This ensures that you are not only present for the real challenges of life but that you are also able make the best choices for you and your body throughout the day.

What You Get:

Twelve 75 minute, meditation clarity sessions with me that will allow you to step into your true potential and transform your life in the healthiest of ways!

Phone support 6 days a week (Mon-Sat) during my “office hours” for when you need to check in with me, have a question or feel you need some extra support. I know that what your experiencing is life changing and I want you to know that you have the support you deserve. (please check with me for your office hours depending on your time zone)

24-7 email support.

Homework & Exercises that will help move you along your chosen path.

Deep & Restorative Healing through personalized meditations written by me and designed for your unique body and frequency.

Discover and build your own personal Sacred Space with me as you learn to calibrate your body in Sacred Calibration every session.

Become well versed in your body’s energy as you learn how your Chakra System works through exercises and guided meditations.

Master your Major Chakra System and learn to heal it and your body when needed.

Connect deeply and effortlessly to your Intuition and inner knowing.

Complete Confidentiality: Anything you share with me is in complete confidence.

Free enrollment in Rocco’s meditation tele classes (when in session)

My wealth of spiritual knowledge at your fingertips! I am an Expert in the field of Meditation, Breathing, Healing, Chakra Work, Mediumship, Spiritual Frequency, Intuitive Readings, Mindfulness, Creative Visualization, the Tarot and more! Ask If there is anything you really want to cover during your sessions let me know!

Connect with your spirit guides to discover the reason you are here on Earth!

I am your spiritual “guide”! with channeled information from your guides! Stressed out about something? Need me to check in on a situation? Just ask! I will tune into your guides and energy and tell you what I find so you can be slightly ahead of everyone around you.

Newfound extra time and energy so that you can begin working on things that are in alignment with your true purpose!

My superlative commitment to your growth and well being. Working with me means that you are working with the best in the business of Life Improvement. You have my support and can feel safe and secure knowing that your support is coming from a place of High Integrity, Love and Powerful Self Awareness.

Having a semester or two at Your Life Is Awesome is one of the healthiest things you can do for yourself.

Are you ready to join me on this healing journey of discovery?


Rocco Distefano

Lets Do This!






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