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Rocco Distefano

I am passionate about YOU and your success!

Weather its overcoming stress, past fears and trauma, finding more time for rejuvenation in your schedule or creating a a job for yourself that really impassions you;

It is my goal to help you to “remove the blocks” in your life and prepare you for your highest potential! The life you know you are designed to have!

Working with me will give you extended support as we make the move towards your most important goals. Instead of going it alone, it allows us to take action together!

Through exercises designed to strengthen your intuition, deep meditation, healing and energy work, we will work together to clear away any blocks that stand in the way of your success.

In our private sessions, we will ignite your personal power so that you will walk away from coaching with poise and confidence.

Right now I offer three very different options for Meditation Coaching. The first is more comprehensive and is for you if you are in search of deep healing, and a comprehensive mentorship to help navigate the emotional and spiritual landscape of your heart and soul.

The second is a simpler, more autonomous  program that is designed for those who are already on a confident path and would like to check in weekly to boost energy and recalibrate breath and body.

And the third option is perfect for the person who would like comprehensive private coaching brought on location, into their home.

Please read through all four carefully to help you decide which is right for you:

Your Meditation VIP Day

Meditate Clarity Sessions

Full Meditation Mentorship Sessions

Your In Home Private Retreat

Still Not Sure which mentorship is right for you send Rocco a message to set up a FREE discovery session now so he can help you discover the perfect program for you and your body!

Do you still have many unanswered questions about your Life? Then book an Intuitive Life Reading with Rocco right now and gift yourself with the knowledge of your true path and purpose!


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