Your In Home Private Retreat

Rocco DistefanoThose who have successfully completed at least 3 Meditation Clarity semesters with Rocco (6 months) and remain a student *in good standing* will be invited to apply for for a private, in home intensive Retreat designed Especially for you.

 Rocco will travel to you and will be on hand to provide you with in home sessions, constant spiritual support and be on hand to help you through your healing and transformation.

You will have access to Rocco’s Wealth of Spiritual knowledge and Loving Support in person, throughout your entire experience. During This 7 day intensive Rocco takes on no other coaching clients to work especially with You.

Please email Rocco for pricing on your In Home Private Retreat.

This option is available wherever You are in the world. Rocco will travel to you. If outside theNew York Metro Area, additional Travel costs apply Including Rocco’s Flight, accommodations and personal transportation during your retreat.

** In Good Standing refers to students who have displayed exemplary behavior throughout our work together. Exemplary behavior includes things like: Paying on time, showing up to every session, on time, with any required homework or actions completed, and being respectful of Rocco’s time and energy. Its also helpful if you are regularly brave in our work, meaning that you are consistently moving forwards and have a healthy drive to improve your life and are willing to take full responsibility for your role in your body, your business and your life.

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