A Testimonial From Broadway’s Karl Warden

Karl Warden I met Rocco in the spring of 2012 at a coffee shop in NYCwhile doing a show on Broadway. I was sharing a table with him enjoying my breakfast and coffee working on my laptop when he asked me to help him with hashtagging something on Twitter. I helped him and went back to what I was doing on my laptop. A few minutes later he leaned over to tell me that I had one of the strongest highly resonating vibrating aura he’d been around. I was curious so he showed me his website and I was fasciated and got a good feeling from him so I decided to book a reading.



During our reading,  he went on to tell me certain things about myself that he couldn’t have known about me. He knew that I was away from my home in Los Angeles and in NYC for work. He went on to tell me that even though he could tell I LOVED doing my show in NYC on Broadway, he told me that I had to return home to Los Angeles whenever the contract was over because that’s where I needed to be. He knew I was an actor and that upon my return home to LA I would reconnect with a girlfriend whom I’d not seen in a while and that she had big awesome gorgeous hair. At the time I couldn’t think of who that could be but I never forgot it. He continued to tell me that she would help me get to the next phase of my career and that he was getting visions of my face on TV and on advertisements with my name under it. I wouldn’t be playing a role, I’d get to be ME on TV and that it would involve something I used to do. I couldn’t think of what that could be but I told him that he was right and it was a major career goal of mine to be on TV as myself. He said, “you will if you go home to LA and live your life, and pay attention to what your Heart is saying”.


I was home in LA Sunday May 21 2012 and immediately started working on an awesome Choreography job for a major cosmetics company that I’d been preparing since November of 2011. I’m a HUGE gymnastics fan so upon completion of this project at the end of June, I took some time for myself and drove to San Jose, CA alone to attend the US Olympic Gymnastics Trials. On the second day of the trials I was leaving the arena to go back to where I was staying and I bumped into my friend Suri from Los Angeles who had also driven up alone to meet up with friends including former Olympians and accomplished NCAA Gymnasts.

I’ve known Suri for 5 years and hadn’t seen her in months so after an exciting reunion with her and some rapid fire back and forth catch up Suri laughed and tossed her hair and it hit me, I realized SHE was the female friend with the big gorgeous hair! I could barely contain myself with this revelation but didn’t divulge any info except that it was so crazy that I ran into her because a friend of mine told me that I would! She proceeded to tell me she’d been getting into hosting TV shows and red carpet events for different media outlets. It suddenly dawned on her to invite me to join her on this new web tv program about Dancing With The Stars on AfterbuzzTV.com as a Dance Expert. I followed through with her on this offer and she had me on the program 3 times!

I was very busy after my second appearance on the show with her doing two different musicals. One in LA and one in Long Beach. I was swamped with work and wasn’t checking my emails for the past few days and I woke up one morning with a text from her about a new TV show looking for Divers or Diving Coaches. Suri knew that before I went into acting and performing I was a competitive diver. I jumped on my email and sure enough I had an email from a casting service about this new Diving show looking for divers and diving coaches. I submitted myself with a note about my diving and coaching experience and sent it off and closed my computer to run to rehearsal for my show. 10 minutes later I got a call from casting setting up an on camera interview with me for this new diving show they were producing called Stars In Danger High Dive for FOX. I had a great interview and had a good feeling about getting the job. I kept getting notified that I’d made it to the next round and then another call in mid November 2012 that I was a finalist.

734760_10151286828678411_1529562549_nA few days after that I got the call that I booked the show and that I got the job! I would be one of only 4 coaches hired for the show and I’d be coaching two Celebrities how to dive in just two short weeks of training. I LOVE A CHALLENGE!

After this all came through I contacted the amazing Rocco and set up a Skype session with him. It was such an awesome experience. It was then that I let him know that EVERY SINGLE THING he said to me in that coffee shop that sunny day had come true! This man is the real deal and I’m so thankful to have him in my life and his abilities, guidance, and spirit are things that I would love everyone to experience. If you have questions about your life Please stop what you are doing andbook a reading with this man! It will change your life!

543998_10151250709418515_1401585402_nI write this testimonial on the airplane in first class headed to film the Competition portion of our show. It has been such an awesome adventure and I can’t wait to see where I’ll go next! Please tune in Jan 9 on FOX Stars In Danger: High Dive!

Much Love

Karl Warden

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