Hi From Rocco

A Personal Note of Welcome

My name is Rocco Distefano. I am a Certified Trauma Informed Intuitive Life Coach. Since 2012 I have been helping people learn to meditate and use coping skills to manage trauma. I am here to help you begin a path to recovery from traumatic events. Here you will learn skills to manage the pain so that you can start to live and breathe a little easier, one day at a time. You will also learn to rebuild trust with your body and mind using movement and breath techniques from my study of yoga and ballet.

I understand what it is like to have a nagging feeling that something isn’t quite right, a feeling of listlessness, or even insomnia, nightmares and terrible thoughts. When a traumatic event happens, whether it be physical or emotional, our brains and bodies can accomplish some amazing things to ensure our survival. But what happens when the trauma is over and we are left to get on with our lives? What happens when a particular trauma is so deep that our bodies and brains stay "locked" in survival mode? seemingly indefinitely? Thats what it was like for me.

From the age of infancy into early adulthood I survived near daily abuse. And when it stopped (mostly) by 18, my brain was locked in survival mode and my body followed suit. The abuse stopped long enough for me to realize that it had a powerful impact on my senses. In surviving it, my body had become “hyper sensitive” to energy, people and all levels of frequency. My brain's constant (protective) vigilance, which allowed me to survive, had made me very "in tune" with people and my environment. This allowed me to give accurate life readings, teach meditation, mindfulness, creative visualization effortlessly and naturally without any formal training. But it also created a feeling of mistrust in my body, myself, other people and the world at large. Basic human connection was clumsy for me at best.

But I was lucky enough to have emerged from the trauma with a not only a voracious desire to understand why I felt so awful but with a compassionate human heart still intact. I was angry at what had happened but I still felt a tremendous love for other people and the world. I remained curious and questioned EVERYTHING. The course of the last 20 years I have used this gift of love and curiosity, born of my suffering, to heal. My body was the first to speak and led me towards and 8 year study of ballet, jazz and modern dance at NYCs Broadway Dance Center. Here, I learned to reclaim my foundation from the abuse. I also leaned how to really breathe in a healthy way. Interstitially, I learned how to meditate and began to study yoga to reinforce my dance training. I discovered psychodynamic work and began a my studies of psychology, human behavior, trauma and the brain.

During the course of this multifaceted healing journey I met so many wonderful, compassionate teachers. From them I learned the importance of human collaborative love, both artistic and academic. With each of these teachers I found a piece of my puzzle. They taught me how to love and, in the process, how to love myself too. This long journey has shown me me that nothing in this world is sustainably possible without the love and support of others and it is this crucial part that I wish to share here with you. By teaching you my unique meditations, I will help you begin to teach your body and brain that you are no longer in trauma and that its okay to let down the guard and let in the love you are designed to create and receive.

Welcome! Here I hope you will discover the many reasons Your Life Is Awesome!


A.A in Social Work and Human Services

I am currently working towards my bachelors in history and philosophy.

I have been Certified Trauma Informed by an EMDRIA certified, licensed creative arts therapist & Trauma Specialist.

Rocco is self taught in the areas of intuition, healing, channeling, meditation, mindfulness, symbology & tarot.

In The Community

Since 2012 I have worked to help 100s of other survivors heal from their past and move forward with their lives in a meaningful and sustainable way. In the last 2 years I have added trauma training certifications to my credentials so that I can better serve my community. I am also always learning and improving my skills by taking training courses and it is my plan to help our leaders face toughest issues of the day like addiction and the effects of trauma on the brain.

If you are ready to invest in your healing and your future then this is the place for you!

I am an advocate for trauma survivors and have worked as a leader working to help addicts in recovery and survivors of varying degrees of trauma in New York and In San Francisco. I have started four Meditation meetings from nothing and helped to maintain at least 50 others. I have spoken all over New York and San Francisco about my own story of recovery from trauma.

I have served as an Spirituality and Health Columnist for new Jersey’s The Pride Network and have given talks on mindfulness in connection with Hofstra University and Brookdale Community College.

Rocco have also served as Expert On Meditation for the GWEN Network website (Global Woman’s Empowerment Network).

I have been out and proud as a gay man since 1996 (age 16). I am a steadfast and powerful advocate for members of the LGBTQ+ spectrum and strive to stay up to date on the concerns and needs of my community.

I founded the campus PRIDE group ay Nassau Community College in the year 1998.

I am an advocate for trauma survivors of all kinds: PTSD, natural or man made disasters, accidents, physical, sexual, emotional, military combat, medical trauma, trauma of neglect, drug related trauma among others.

I am the founder of the Open Hearts Meditation meeting in Garden City, New York.

I am a founder and co-facilitator of the Huntington based Trauma Informed Peer Support group that meets every 2nd Saturday at 345 Main street in Huntington NY. (this group no longer meets in person but maintains a Facebook group online).

I am a daily practitioner of yoga and proudly work as a Karma Yogi at Garden City’s first pure Yoga Studio Yoga Nanda