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By visiting this site you agree that you are responsible for your own actions before, during and after any exchange with the information, ideas, meditations, photographs or anything on this website including the ideas and information that may be exchanged with Rocco during a Reading or Coaching session. By visiting this website or booking a reading/coaching session you agree to release Rocco Distefano, the company YourLifeIsAwesome and its employees from any liability with regards to any loss or damage  to any person or group related directly, or indirectly to any of the information displayed on this website or exchanged with Rocco Distefano before, during or after a Reading/Coaching session. If you do not agree with the above you may navigate away from this site at this time.

My purpose with my readings is to provide insight and inspiration while tapping into your personal power and strength. However, I am not a doctor and I can not diagnose any medical condition or illness of any kind.  Additionally, if you have a pressing psychological concern, I urge you to ask your psychotherapist. Additionally, I am not yet a lawyer so I can not give you legal advice but we can discuss your spiritual options during the outcome.

I understand that feelings can get intense when dealing with past trauma If you are feeling extremely ill, unstable or like you may harm yourself or others this is not the time for a coaching session or reading. If this is how you are feeling the best person for you to see is a medical doctor. Please dial 911 and get yourself medical attention as soon as possible.

For legal purposes it is understood that any of my services are for entertainment and encouragement and all clients are to be at least 18 years of age.

Please note that much of the content on this website is based on personal experience and anecdotal evidence. Although the author(s) have made every reasonable attempt to achieve complete accuracy of all content, they assume no responsibility for errors or omissions as they may pertain to your own personal beliefs or life's experience.

Additionally, When you pay for a Reading, Coaching, Meditate With Me, Workshop, Class or Training, by paying for your services you are agreeing to be bound by the above and any polices below.

Refund Policies

Awesome Life Readings: When you book a reading with me, I am setting aside time especially for you. I understand that sometimes life can happen but please know that if you cancel it is difficult to place someone in your slot on short notice. To ensure that all is fair for those on my wait list and for my own time and energy, once you book your reading you have up to 48 hours prior to our start time to request a full refund minus a $100 scheduling fee. If you need to reschedule you may reschedule one time free of charge as long as you inform me within 48 hours of our original appointment. If you need to cancel or try to reschedule a second time or after 48 hours of your appointment, or are a no show for any session at YourLifeIsAwesome, you forfeit your session without refund. Due to energy output there can be no refunds for completed readings.

Master Classes: Wether it be a Conference Call, over Skype or in Person, all Master Classes are pre-prepared for you by Rocco. If you need to cancel or request a refund you may do so upto 48 hours before the start date of your Master Class Program. Any extras or bonus sessions hold no monetary value and you will receive only exactly the price of your original tuition as a refund. You also do not retain the use of any extras Rocco may provide as a bonus when signing up for class. If you take advantage of any extras including one on one sessions prior to the start of classes, because Rocco has already begun to work for you, this voids your right to a refund. You will still retain the option of attending the class.

Meditation Coaching: When you sign up for personal coaching with me, I begin work immediately to tailor a program to fit your individual needs. This may include meditations, a homework plan, spiritual activities as well as notes on your progress. This takes a lot of time to prepare and a majority of the  the work that I do for you is in preparation for your sessions. Because of this, you are required to pay for your Coaching program in full before we can begin and  because I have already begun to work for you, I cannot offer a refund. You will be required to sign a contract that explains that you understand this. Because of the intensive nature of this program most Coaching takes place within one month. Some weeks having several sessions. Stoping and starting can compromise your progress limiting the effectiveness of your hard work. So unless there is an extreme emergency or other agreements are made beforehand, all sessions must be completed within 4 weeks of the start date of Coaching. After 4 weeks all coaching sessions become null and void.

In Home Private Retreat: This is an intensive form of personal coaching by Rocco Distefano so all polices that apply to regular coaching apply to the In Home Private Retreat as well with some additions. This is a very intense program designed to kickstart change in your life. You may experience several breakthroughs during this process. Before the retreat begins you will be required to sign a contract explaining that you understand the policies of YLIA.com and Rocco Distefano. This program is designed to be completed within 2 weeks and there are no extensions or make ups for missed or canceled sessions. After the 2 weeks all sessions are null and void. Rocco will be traveling to you and subject to his schedule you can add sessions for an additional cost. Rocco's Flight and accommodations are not included in the price of the In Home Private retreat and you are responsible for the costs of both. Due to the personal nature of this program, once you have paid for your sessions, there can be no refunds.

Workshops and Events: fall under the same category as readings. When I plan a workshop, I need to book space. Part of your fee pays for that space so if you cancel last minute it compromises the experience for the rest of the class. Because of the price to book space, there can be no refunds. If you absolutely need to cancel you may do so within 48 hours of the event or workshop and will be admitted another workshop (when one is scheduled) at another date or you may apply the cost of the workshop towards payment of any of my other services. If you are a "No Call - No Show" for the original workshop, you forfeit your spot and will be required to register and pay for a spot in a future workshop.

Cancellation Policy: For most services unless otherwise noted you have 24 hours prior to the start of your session/workshop/coaching to reschedule. Because of the time it takes to prepare for you, if you fail to do so within that time you forfeit your session. This also applies to the In Home Private retreat. If  you are a no show, your session is considered complete and cannot be made up.

Rescheduling: Must be done within 48 hours of our originally scheduled session. In general, you may reschedule once before your session becomes void or unless you and Rocco have made other arrangements. The sessions of the In Home Private Retreat are pre-set to maximize your experience so rescheduling is not possible. Unless there is an extreme emergency, if you miss your session that session is considered complete and cannot be made up.

We understand that you have a busy Life so All readings will be conducted in the strictest of Confidence. The only one who will hear your reading will be You and any information that Rocco shares with you will also remain Private. Anything that you discuss with Rocco outside of your session is also Confidential. Rocco holds the highest of Standards when it comes to Professionalism and he handles and receives all of his clients in Kindness and Respect. Rocco has a strict No-Judgement policy and as such assures you his absolute discretion.

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