In the 15 months I have been working with Rocco, I have rediscovered myself in ways previously quite unimaginable. With him I have been able to uncover reserves of strength, honesty, compassion and true, deep emotion I never knew I possessed.

More importantly, he and I have been able to discover how I can most effectively access those attributes and use them as tools in order to improve the quality of my life on a daily basis.

Rocco hasn’t and doesn’t ‘teach’, or ‘lead’ me in any commonly perceived way. He is a true ‘counselor’- gently, kindly but firmly guiding me how to see and to feel what has been in and around me all the time; things that I’ve been hiding, denying or fighting for years, in some cases for almost my entire life.

Through our work together I have not only connected with a deep, personal spirituality for the first time but have also been able to open myself to a level of success and abundance professionally and personally that has been truly remarkable.

Rocco, I thank you so much for helping me to maximize the best of my humanity.

Donald Osborne ~ Automotive Valuation Services

Miss Fame Ru Pauls Drag Race








Rocco, you have incredible knowing, the ability to see the truth inside each person you meet. This gift is what inspired me to take necessary action on my own journey. Your guidance & direction has been most encouraging.

Rocco, I want to acknowledge my gratitude to you. Through this shared journey through our sessions together at YourLifeIsAwesome. I feel motivated & clear. I am trusting my feelings & I am receiving your message with an open heart. I appreciate you & your time spent guiding me along my path to serve a greater purpose on this planet.

The incredible energy you put towards our sessions, both in person & through Skype is felt. It’s a wonderful feeling to have someone energetically on a wave length I crave & understand. thank you kindly for everything my friend. I will use what I learn to assist other’s on their journey toward awakening to a more beautiful existence. Thank you again. Love and Light to you my friend and To Many more years of inspiration.

Kurtis Dam Mikkelsen ~ Miss Fame ~ RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 7

After having 2 readings from him, I contacted the amazing Rocco again and set up another Skype session with him. It was such an awesome experience. It was then that I let him know that EVERY SINGLE THING he said to me in that coffee shop that sunny day had come true!

This man is the real deal and I’m so thankful to have him in my life and his abilities, guidance, and spirit are things that I would love everyone to experience. If you have questions about your life Please stop what you are doing and book a reading with this man!It will change your life!

Karl Warden ~ Broadway Dancer, Television Personality

Jenna Soard ~ CEO of YouCanBrand.com


“Working with Rocco was an incredible experience for me. The depth of understanding that he had of my situation was impressive and the insights that he brought me were truly meaningful. By giving me the insights he did, I was able to address some things with my deceased parents and understand that I need to work through them. I’m glad I had an opportunity to work with Rocco and look forward to doing so again.”

Brian Gatti  ~ Brand Design

In the past 2 years I have experienced every single program and service that Rocco has to offer and I continue to connect with Rocco for guidance and in friendship. People have seen the remarkable changes in me. I hear all the time “Dawn! You are a completely different person!” You have changed so much!

I believe it is through the powerful meditations and steady mentorship with Rocco that has afforded me the ability to work through the tough spots and truly begin to see the powerful person I am underneath!In meditation I can actually feel the changes happening within my body! It is a powerful experience that I highly recommend!

I have always been a heavy person and carried extra weight. During my work with Rocco I lost 40 lbs by doing the breathing and meditations. And I all I was doing was eating heather! No gym at all! Through this work, I feel more confident in my body and safe in my own skin. I know who I really am!

Above all of this what I really appreciate about Rocco is his level of polish, professionalism and commitment to me and our work. Rocco really customizes my meditations and programs to tailor to my needs and my personal energy.

His upbeat energy and no-judgement approach to mentorship really empowers me to take charge of my responsibilities in life.

There are so many generic programs out there that don’t do this. Rocco really sets the standard here for how spiritual mentorship programs should be designed and run! If your considering meditation mentorship, I highly recommend Rocco. I am living proof of how Awesome these programs are!

Dawn Tucker ~ Teacher, Bee Keeper, Motorcyclist

I had been searching for answers for a while and wasn’t getting them so deciding on private coaching from Rocco is the best decision I have ever made. His insight and knowledge are uncanny and absolutely incredible!

During our initial reading, Rocco was able to garner valuable information from my guides who I have since been able to meet on my own through Rocco’s deep meditations. Since working with Rocco  I have learned to ground myself in stressful situations and bring people of a higher vibration into my life.

The negative people I know seem to run in the other direction when they see me now! We are now moving forward by developing my natural intuition and  I know I am not alone in this journey.

Through our work I have been able to reconnect with my subconscious and I have begun to Lucid Dream and Astral Project very regularly and with Rocco’s help, I am learning to do so with with control.

Choosing to continue to work with Rocco has been a pleasure, delight, and I something I wish had discovered sooner. He has and still is helping me see my potential and realize how beautiful life is.

I am so thankful for him and his counsel. Rocco is truly amazing and a blessing to every life he touches. With Rocco’s guidance, I realize that my life truly is awesome! Thanks Rocco!”

Noel K. ~ Medium & Animal Intuitive


I have known Rocco for almost 3 years, although it feels much shorter than that, and we met in the most unlikely of places. Believe it or not we met playing a video game, but there was an instant connection and we became very close friends very quickly. We often like to joke that we are reincarnated souls of each other, because of how quickly we built a bond with each other. Although we live on the opposite sides of the country from each other Rocco is very in tune with the world and he often has called or texted me on days after an accident or ones when I’m am not at my best, because he had a feeling something was off.

I have received readings from him and they are remarkably accurate. It is always great to have a conversation with him which is always full of knowledge and guidance. Rocco is an incredibly remarkable, talented, and understanding person. He has a very unique gift that lets him help and heal others as a very talented mentor and friend.


Preston Wells ~ US Army Veteran, Brother from another mother 


“Rocco has the unique gift of being able to connect deeply with a person. Instantly. His readings come from a place of love and support and are focused on helping the individual recognize and claim the many opportunities that they are presented with in their lives. Let him speak to your soul. You will be glad that you did.


Claes Lilja ~ ClaesAct Entertainment


“Rocco gave me a beautiful reading.  He read me as though I were a living band of energy frequencies. Through his sense of my energies and contact with my spiritual advisors, he was able to deliver some very valuable information about obstacles I have encountered in my life and how to change my energies and chakra centers in order to reap the benefits of a fuller, more fruitful existence.

What I really liked about Rocco’s style of delivery, was that he remained – at all times – in the highest spiritual realms.  He has a purity of purpose and of heart.  Rocco isn’t pretending to be spiritual… he simply is.  I highly recommend him if you are seeking truth in  your life.” 


Nancy ~ Lawyer, Intuitive Coach  


Joe Scott HubrickSpending time with my friend Rocco is constantly a magical experience. Rocco has this ability to get into the heart of any issue and instantly know what it is needed for all parties involved.

I have booked coaching with him and in just a few sessions he has been able to validate my feelings on my most pressing matters and helped me to gently ground myself and regain clarity in my professional life.

Being intuitive myself, I understand that Spirit choses to speak through Rocco in a pure and clear way that provides you with answers that allow you to make healthy choices that will not only help strengthen you but also help you to see yourself more fully and with the most important element of Self Love. Coaching with Rocco has been such a gift! Worth every penny!


Joe Hubrich ~  Tour Manager for Ms. Sandra Bernhard


I have had the pleasure of working closely with Rocco , having sessions with him regularly for over a year now. He has been a constant and solid support in my life in all areas and I am thankful for his guidance.

When I first met him at one of his workshops, the first thing that struck me was how open and welcoming he is. He treated me as he would a good friend from the get-go.

I believe that this is one of the very remarkable things about Rocco. He lives with an open heart and treats every person he meets with kindness, Love, and respect. The positive energy around him is very palpable and healing which in turn helps others to heal themselves. Its very powerful!

As I have continued to work with Rocco, I have been blessed by his heartfelt support and guidance. He is very wise in his understanding of the balance between the spiritual and the earthly.

One of my favorite parts of his teaching methodology is that he stresses the importance of psychology and science and includes them as an important part of his spiritual work. Which is great for anyone who may have doubts about intuition or any kind of spiritual healing because Rocco has a tremendous respect for humanity and is easy to understand.

He is a great coach not only because of his uncanny intuition but because of his humanness as well. He is one of the most encouraging and loving people I know and will be your awesome ally and friend! I’m so glad I decided to work with Rocco! You will be too! Thank you Rocco 🙂


Zach Horwitz ~ Dancer & Student


Rocco has changed my life.  I have known Rocco for a few years. He is the only reputable psychic I know and  he is the only one I will work with. I have had the great pleasure of having readings and coaching sessions many times and I am amazed at the striking accuracy and detail in his readings which have helped me to find the right path. Rocco is the reason I have made huge changes in my life. My life was hard but he is the one person who gave me details of the direction my life could take to fulfill my potential. I left my hometown in New York and I ended my career in hair to pursue what Ive always wanted to do. I have since moved to Florida, started painting and creating mixed media art after years of not lifting a finger. I wake up everyday happy and wanting to do more. Through my sessions with Rocco I have learned so many details about my soul, my heart and my mind and I’ve been taught how to focus and concentrate on certain areas of my life at different times. Rocco can help you accomplish goals, defeat old traumas and past hardships. His work with me is so much more than what I had originally expected. I wouldn’t be where I am today without this man. I owe him a life of gratitude and love. Thank you Rocco from the bottom of my heart and soul!

Julianne Kerry ~ Independent Artist


Rocco has an astounding ability to see the truth with astonishing compassion and clarity. He sees his clients as they truly are (awesome!) and holds space for them to feel the truth of what he sees. Knowing the truth gives you the opportunity to heal yourself, and if you work with Rocco he will show up for you in a coaching and cheering capacity that will spur you on  to achieve your dreams and live your purpose. He believes in you, and it’s beautiful!


Adrianna ~ Psychic and Channel


I suffer from agoraphobia which means I have trouble leaving the house. I had heard about Rocco through a friend of mine who he had helped through coaching. I was skeptical at first but after just one coaching session with Rocco I was able to not only leave  leave my house but also to walk down to the park I used to go to as a child.

I know this may not sound like much but this is something I could not do for years. Rocco has helped me make brake throughs that years of therapy could not even begin to fix. I wish I had started working with Rocco earlier as it would have saved me a lot of money.

Rocco taught me how to find my inner strength through meditation and now I am thriving! Even my doctors remark on my progress! Rocco really gives so much himself during a reading and coaching and just being around him makes me smile! Thank you so much Rocco! You have made my life awesome!


Richard B. ~ Artist


Rocco has an incredible gift! We’ve been working together for only a few weeks, yet already I feel a transformation occurring. He has been able to communicate with dear deceased relatives and through Rocco I can learn their advice and guidance. We’ve also been working on meditation and freeing the power of my Chakras. Rocco has been amazing in helping me to improve  the quality of my life!”

Rick Kroeger ~ Executive

I sought out Rocco because I was becoming frustrated with the direction my life was taking me. I chose to do an in person reading.  As I entered his office I immediately felt happy and a comforting sense of positive energy. I was given a reading with his having no knowledge of my personal history.

He has an uncanny and natural ability to connect with the inner guides of life and exudes great sensitivity in connecting with the human spirit! He provided  me with precise information from my guides and new possibilities. I am so glad that I came to Rocco as he provided a very calm and peaceful atmosphere and opened my eyes to new directions my life could take!

I would highly recommend anyone who seeks a higher understanding of their life’s purpose to pay this talented man a visit!

Kristi N.



Rocco Distefano